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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What did the press know and when did they know it?

The reaction of the MSM to the Gruber tapes is revealing. Today’s article by Chris Cillizza tries to misdirect the issue into a personality conflict between Gruber and Conservatives whom he thinks are the object of Gruber’s charge that the American people are stupid. His article, about Gruber as catnip for conservatives, tries to make the story about Conservative pique, not the fact that Gruber did something that you are never supposed to do when you pull a sting: expose the sting. A good sting never ends, but Gruber ended the ObamaCare sting. So the press, after hoping it would simply die because of lack of oxygen, is desperately trying to change the subject.

But Cilliza is wrong, not just on the focus, but also on the issue of whom Gruber classified as stupid. Conservatives were always opposed to ObamaCare. And not just conservatives. ObamaCare passed without a single Republican vote. The lies and deception described by Gruber fooled only Liberals. Liberals who were fed the story the Obama administration was feeding to its media accomplices. No tax, lower cost, better coverage, no changes if you were happy.

But were Liberals in the media really fooled, or were they simply promoting the Obama/Gruber/Democrat lies because they were being Good Germans? I mean, really. What non-comatose human being believes you can insure 30 million more people, provide more services, cover pre-existing conditions, and reduce the cost to the average family by $2500? Melissa Francis tells of being called on the carpet at CNBC for her criticism of ObamaCare’s math and told that she was “disrespecting the office of the President.”

I believe that the average reporter and editor is functionally innumerate, but that doesn’t pass the smell test. Like Good Germans, the press corps knew, but didn’t want to know.

So now one of the architects of the conspiracy couldn’t keep his mouth shut. And the lies and deception have been uncovered, not by the complicit press that does not want to know what was really going on, but by a guy who lost his health insurance policy thanks to ObamaCare and spent hours searching the internet. Because everything that you say in public gets recorded. And citizen journalists are looking where the Good Germans of the press don’t want you to go.

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Kenneth Glenn Koons said...

The MSM has kept the lib Dems floating as they have for BHO. No matter the domestic and international security destruction these Quislings foist on the American people, the MSM always supported the Dems. Always. Lied, hid, just as Dems have and do on issues, voting and perception. Gruber and the Left hate the American values, our heritage and history and want to transform us as Obama has in just 6 yrs. That they are evil does not even occur to them as they reject our Founders, Law, morality and the will of the majority of Americans....when those said Americans are presented the truths.