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Sunday, November 09, 2014


The meaning of the 2014 elections

The 2014 midterm election was interesting for several things.  First, it was a repudiation of Obama-ism only 2 years after he was re-elected.  The “dense-pack” strategy (having one scandal after another take the previous one off the front pages) of Team Obama didn't work.  The “independent” voters finally saw failure follow failure and realized that the things they were promised were either lies or that Obama was incompetent.  Either way, they abandoned him, big time. 

Keeping in mind that the “Black” vote was a Republican lock for nearly a century after the Civil War, it’s very interesting that there is the beginning of a reaction against Democrats among Blacks.  For the first time in my lifetime several videos castigating Democrats for what they have done to Blacks have gained wide popularity.  The assumption that the Black vote is a lock for Democrats is not valid.  The grand experiment of urban centers run by Black Democrats using Democrat Party principles is gradually creating awareness - among those who want something better than a welfare handout - that Democrats view them the same way as slave-owners did their plantation slaves, bodies to be exploited.

The “war on women” theme deluded the Democrats into believing that they had a winning issue.  Instead, it boomeranged.  It made the male “gendergap” worse.  It alienated married women.  And it was carried to such an extreme that even the reliably Liberal press got tired of it.  Some by denying that it was a theme, others by calling one of its major practitioners “Mark Uterus.”

Democrats believe that demographics are their salvation, assuming that the patterns of the past can be overlaid on the future.  That’s the problem with a lot of things, like the subject of Global Warming, a mixture of chemistry, modelling and politics.  It’s also the problem with the assumptions that you “own” a demographic group.  The Democrats don’t own the Blacks, the youth, the Hispanics or the women.  They just assume that they can scare - or bribe - these groups into voting for them.  The problem becomes one of finding the resources for the bribe, for keeping the fear alive.  Detroit is its own antidote.

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