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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Advice to Republicans: run against plutocrats, crony capitalists and welfare chislers

The Democrats are now the party of the ultra-rich silicon valley billionaires, wealthy Hollywood fat cats, Al Sharpton and Al Sharpton wanna bees, and crony capitalists like GE's Jeff Immelt.  They have demonized the average American, labeling them "bitter clingers." 

Believing that a coalition of Blacks, Hispanics and college professors who disdain Americans, like Jonathan Gruber, constitute an electoral majority, they have become identified as the party of the  greedy rich, government power, welfare and contempt for working Americans. 

That leaves the real American majority ready to be scooped up by the Republican party if they only have the wit to see it.  They don't need, in fact they should shun, the people in the coalition that Obama built.   The other America gave Republicans an overwhelming vote in 2014.  The worst thing Republicans in office can do at this point is to turn it's back on them.  Because if they do, they will, like a jilted lover, find someone who wants them.  This is the point at which a third party can easily become a real possibility.  

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thisishabitforming said...

To quote an old Dylan song, there are non so blind as they that cannot see. That seems to describe the Republican leadership today. I think we are ripe for a third party.