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Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Feminists now agree with every fundamentalist tent-revival preacher that rock-and-roll is evil

Robert Stacy McCain:

A few years ago, I saw a story (I could find a link, but don’t want to bother right now) about how groups like Led Zeppelin more or less habitually had sex with teenage groupies back in the 1970s. Given the rock-n-roll outlaw attitude — a cultural leftover of the Sexual Revolution back in hippie days, “the Summer of Love” and all that — no one could dispute that many teenage girls were eager to say they had been with Jimmy Page or whatever other rock icon they could get backstage to meet.

Flash-forward to the 21st century, when most Baby Boomers like me are already grandparents, and our hindsight reflection on that era of drugs, sex and rock-and-roll is blurred by more than the after-effects of whatever hallucinogenic substances we ingested back in the day. There are feminists who would tell you that all those rock icons were sexual predators, and that all those teenage groupies were victims.

Whatever. Feminists now agree with every fundamentalist tent-revival preacher that rock-and-roll is evil, and it is a well-known fact that Jimmy Page sold his soul to Satan and — let’s just get right down to it, OK? — America has been going straight to Hell ever since Elvis Presley started singing that Wicked Negro Devil Music, inciting girls to ungodly carnal lust with all those savage jungle voodoo rhythms and gyrating dances.

So it seems 21st-century feminism has brought us full circle to Eisenhower-era prudery, except everybody’s gay now, and heterosexuality is now the dreaded menace to America’s Youth.

Read the whole thing.

Now I was never part of the sex,drugs and rock-n-roll culture. I was not a Beatles fan. When I thought about guys in the rock bands having sex with groupies I was - mostly - bothered by the thought of those young girls so anxious to have sex with famous strangers and how morally ... empty they were.  And wondering what I would do if I were part of a famous band.  But I was not and didn't dwell on it for more than a moment.  

Here's the thing, there is nothing wrong with Eisenhower-era prudery. It's a whole lot healthier than the toxic stew of sexual promiscuity, virulent feminism, combined with social-justice-warriors of today's culture that we find in the media and on college campuses. Believe it or not the Eisenhower era had sex, plenty of it, but it was not shoved in your face. And as a result it left a lot fewer dead and broken bodies and minds in its wake.

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