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Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Dear Liberal Media FYI We Hate You Too

As everyone in the known Universe is well aware, the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner was held on Saturday night in Washington, D.C.. The President of the United States elected not to attend. Proving, once again, that he is smarter than the formerly “ink stained wretches” that cover him. The White House Correspondents’ Association proved, once again, that they hate the average American. That’s okey dokey because we hate them too.

I will not rehash the unholy mess that the alleged journalists presented to the world. Nina Bookout covered the dumpster fire aspect here and Lisa Carr covered the Nasty Women performance art here.

No, I am going to focus on the reciprocal hatred between the “Average American” and the “Elite Journalist”. When it comes to elite, it doesn’t get any more elite than the White House beat. These reporters of all things newsworthy call their dinner the “Nerd Prom”, which just goes to show how smart they think they are. If I were to think of a “Nerd Prom”, I would think of programmers, aerospace engineers or biochemical researchers. Journalists? It makes one laugh that they think they are that smart. So, um, climb down from your high horse, people.

Read the whole thing.

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