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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Mark Steyn interviews the man who interrogated KSM

Bush kept the country safe.

The Mark Steyn Show with James E Mitchell

Dr. Mitchell commented on John McCain. The following a a partial stranscript of his comments.

John McCain is well known as an opponent of torture and to him that includes water boarding. McCain says that’s illegal, it should always be illegal. When somebody asked him what if there’s a ticking time bomb scenario – another potential catastrophe like 9/11? He replied that he would expect the CIA interrogators to do what was necessary and at their trial, if they had actually saved lives, we would try to take that into consideration.

Let me paraphrase Mark Steyn on his follow-up:

That’s our John McCain. If a CIA interrogator water boards someone and thousands of people are not killed, the people who prevented this disaster should be subjected to years of prosecution and when the judge sentences them for war crimes, instead of death they get to spend the rest of their natural lives in prison. And John McCain burnishes his halo.

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