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Thursday, March 14, 2019


Orwell's "Two Plus Two equals Five" demands you assert and beleive.

Why did Ilhan Omar post an audio that disproved the claim she was trying to make?

It may be that the “Orwellian” nature of what Omar did goes much deeper. She may simply have not cared whether the audio proved her point or not. It was offered as “proof,” she stated that it constituted proof, and perhaps she was expecting its truth to be taken for granted by those on her side without their checking it by listening in an objective fashion.

In fact, does objectivity even exist as a principle to be followed on the left? Isn’t truth what the Party says it is? And isn’t that the deeper Orwellian nature of the left?

I’ve noticed this quite a bit: the left’s lie can be quite flagrant, and yet the person making it is confident that he or she won’t be called on it by anyone who matters. The person isn’t addressing the skeptical; the person is addressing followers, admirers, and/or true believers on the left.

Omar may have been operating in this way. She may have gotten away with it most of the time in the past. She’s used to those who support her and would-be supporters not bothering to follow through and check her out. She’s used to people (Nancy Pelosi being the latest) making excuses for everything wrong that Omar may do or say.

She’s used to people forgetting. She’s used to not facing any consequences for bold lies. She’s used to being admired nevertheless, and to going from strength to strength.

This is “Orwellian” in the sense of “Two plus two equals five, if I say so. And if you ever believed otherwise, then forget it and move on.”

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