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Friday, December 13, 2019


No One Actually Believes the Global Warming Hype

There may actually be some people who believe this shit. For example, the women-of-all-genders who publish the Virginian Pilot who will tell you - on a daily basis - that Norfolk will soon sink under the waves.

Liberals pay lip service to global warming dogma, but they apparently don’t believe it, as they continue to live large, emitting massive quantities of CO2. Al Gore is a classic example, but his hypocrisy is the rule, not the exception. Greta Thunberg is similar, burning up vast quantities of fossil fuels as she travels around the world (by yacht, while multiple handlers fly) preaching the global warming dogma.

Another data point similar to the Aramco IPO is the price of coastal properties. Liberals allege that sea level is rising alarmingly–it isn’t, in fact–and you likely have seen images of the Statue of Liberty half-way under water.

If people actually believed these claims, prices of coastal properties would be plummeting. But the opposite is happening. Buyers apparently have no fear that their coastal homes and businesses will soon be underwater, or that a decade or two from now global warming theory will have been confirmed so that they won’t be able to sell their properties. Thus, we saw Barack and Michelle Obama pay $15 million for an estate on Martha’s Vineyard, just feet above sea level. Do as I say, not as I do.

But people who have money and buy houses try to get as close to the shore as possible. They pay top dollar for a water view even if it means the next hurricane flattens their home. Even in the middle of Norfolk, the highest prices are paid for homes just a few feet above the water at high tide.

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