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Tuesday, February 25, 2020


Mark Stey's Obituary to the IPCC Head who Headed the Global Warming Scam

The Warmographic Novelist who Got #CO-Tooed Rajendra Pachauri, 1940-2020



for those supplicants before authority who insist that you can't pronounce on global warming unless you're a bona fide climatologist, that Dr Pachauri was, in fact, a graduate of the Indian Railways Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. That's to say, he was not a climatologist but a railroad engineer. So, if he ever availed himself of a free half-hour with a Danish hooker during that Copenhagen conference, I'm sure, like the Bombay to Cochin express, he pulled out on time.

In other words, he was a near parodically perfect choice to preside over the multi-trillion-dollar shakedown of the global economy that is "climate change". For one thing, Dr Pachauri had one of the largest carbon footprints in human history, bigger even than Al Gore's. He was in favor of "hefty aviation taxes" to "deter people from flying," but, fortunately for him, once you're part of the transnational jet-set nothing can deter you. He flew 443,243 miles on "IPCC business" in the year-and-a-half run-up to Copenhagen. I'm not sure whether that definition of "IPCC business" included his two weekend round trips from New York back to Delhi, once for a cricket match, once for a mere practice session for a cricket match.

Did anyone of the "experts" who want you to ride a bus and live under a government "carbon allowance" that permits you and Auntie Mabel one flight to Florida every three years query whether Dr Pachauri's presence at that cricket practice was so vital as to justify a 15,000-mile round-trip? That sound you hear is cricketers chirping.

As always with Steyn, it's worth it to read the whole thing.

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