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Friday, September 18, 2020

How Hatred of Donald Trump Became a Sex Cult

But the most revealing piece of information in season one is the admission that the secret women’s society within NXIVM called DOS that abused and tortured women was founded because of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). NXIVM fancied itself a think tank-like organization that would “change the world” through using techniques much like Scientology to overcome personal fears to become wildly successful. They sought to place NXIVM members in every institution from art to music to the financial industry and more. This was Raniere’s plan to take over the world.

DOS was created directly after the 2016 election of Donald Trump. The women involved in it thought that they were forming a secret society to agitate against the presidency. There’s no telling what their money and influence wrought in the unrest that followed the election. While the documentary does not go into detail, one witness in a recorded conversation tells about the founding of the secret sex group and why it happened. And it’s all about resisting Trump.

This was the origin of it. The group started out like ‘what if women could really do something’ and it grew kind of out of that over a couple of years. It became more of a sorority recently, I think, and that’s when I got involved in it. And I was super motivated by the f***ing Trump election and thinking like, we have to f***ing do something in the world, and what if women could really do something? And excited about the underground concept of it, like, we couldn’t be thwarted because nobody would know. The women who were doing it were experiencing wonderful things about their commitment, and they wanted to memorialize it permanently…somebody raised the concept of branding.

This one admission sheds new light on the allegations by Stormy Daniels about Trump that were deployed to destroy his presidency. In 2018, two years after the election and well into the development of DOS, Stormy Daniels came out with her allegations that the president had paid her to keep quiet about a sexual tryst. Investigative journalist Frank Parlato, who broke the NXIVM story, reported that Stormy Daniels was seen at at least one NXIVM event.

Ben Szemkus, the man who said he attended a Nxivm “mixer” in Hamden, Connecticut, in February 2007, with celebrities, Nxivm leaders and politicians, has named eight new people he says were in attendance —  people he failed or declined to name before.

On March 1, Ben tweeted:

“To Clear Things Up….. this is the list of People I met at a NXIVM Recruitment Party over a decade ago.…

“Allison Mack, Keith Raniere, Stormy Daniels, Eric Schneiderman, Nancy Salzman, Sara Bronfman, Claire Bronfman, Catherine Oxenberg, India Oxenberg, Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin, Michael Avenatti, James Alefantis, David Brock, Frank Parlato and Roger Stone.

This secret “sorority” was so unhinged they used a soldering iron to carve Keith Raniere’s and Allison Mack’s initials into members’ bodies. For years, conservatives have been telling you that leftism is a mental disorder and the election of Donald Trump has brought that reality out into the light. But the “Resist Trump” connection to NXVIM was completely covered up until this documentary let it slip. And we still don’t know the extent of the actions that DOS members took to resist Trump.

Parlato claims that Raniere hated Hillary Clinton but Raniere’s own words in the documentary about the “last election” seem to contradict that. Not only that, but the women around him were so obviously anti-Trump and said specifically that DOS was founded because of that anger at the 2016 election results. While Raniere’s motivations may have simply been selfish or psychotic, the women around him were clearly “resisters.”

The billionaire Bronfman and Salzman families should be thoroughly investigated for their role in the cult and the funds they invested in political activities. Did they pay for violent protesters? The Women’s March? What was their role in the “resist” effort that took over after the 2016 election? Has anyone looked into it?

There is only one other mention of the president in season one and it comes from Keith Raniere’s own mouth. “We need a group, we need hundreds of thousands, millions of men as voices of honor…so we don’t have a presidential election like the last one.” NXVIM was a group of people suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. And what it led to was the abuse and torture of women and children in the name of “changing the world” and ridding us all of the terrible curse of Trump.

This fact is glossed over in the documentary as if it isn’t important. But it is. This group of people involved in NXIVM was full of mostly white, highly privileged leftists. Do-gooder types who are so far removed from the daily chores of survival that most of humanity is engaged in that they have nothing better to do than attend self-improvement seminars that convinced them they were the saviors of humanity.

There are several laugh-out-loud moments as these people sit around in seminars weeping over their “fears” and “obstacles” in incomprehensible psycho-babble. They really think they are overcoming some psychological barriers they have to success when what’s really happening is a disassociation with their natural human emotions that allowed Raniere to manipulate them out of their wealth and free will.

For the “smart” people to have been completely taken in by a short, weird-looking wannabe-volleyball playing guru is pretty funny. These are the same people who believe they’re better and smarter than everyone else and they have all the answers and yet they ended up getting branded and enslaved to one another in a twisted leftist utopia. Hysterical.

So many of the NXIVM members were very wealthy Hollywood starlets or directors and producers puffed up with the idea that they could save the world from the terrible deplorables who had interrupted their elite rule. They are the chosen ones. They have the truth, so nothing they could do to stop the Trump presidency would be unethical to them. What else did they do? It appears they clearly cooked up the Stormy Daniels incident. What else did they do? And is anyone looking into it? So far, none of them are in jail.

Claire Bronfman, who surely was a proponent of open borders and “no human is illegal” sloganeering the left loves so much was actually recruiting illegal immigrant women to be unpaid slaves to Keith Raniere. Bronfman is convicted but still not sentenced.

Although she claimed to award ‘scholarships’ or present employment letters with the prevailing wage of a professional position, Bronfman had no intention of providing her victims with a living wage. Instead, she secured a work-force of individuals desperate to earn a living and dependent on her and on Nxivm and [cult leader] Keith Raniere for their continued legal status in the United States.

The NXIVM story is actually the story of the anti-Trump elite left. It is the Swamp. How deep does it go? It sure doesn’t seem like anyone really wants to find out. The people convicted of these hideous crimes haven’t even been sentenced and their crimes have been known for years. Lauren Salzman, another fabulously wealthy leftist, was arrested and convicted (but still not in jail and instead under house arrest) for having twenty-two slaves and locking one of them in a room for two years and threatening a Mexican citizen with deportation if she did not comply. Are these the people running the “Resist” movement? Shouldn’t someone find out?

But the biggest question of all is why haven’t these criminals been sentenced and locked up yet?

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