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Thursday, April 14, 2022

These 18 Corporations Gave Money to Radical Black Lives Matter Group

 Did you hear about the $6 million dollar mansion BLM bought in Malibu and the $90 million they raised?  No one seems to know how got it and how it was spent.

There are lots of fake "fact-checkers" that tell us that big corporations like Bank of America didn't give to BLM when it pledged $1 billion to "fight racial inequality" at a time when BLM was marching in the streets; marches that turned to violent riots after the sun went down.  

They will all tell you that the $1 billion gifts to BLM were "not correct." But they don't tell us what's not correct.  The dollar amount?  Who it went to ?  Did they give it to third parties who gave it to BLM?  Are we supposed to be gullible enough after the lies we have been fed over the last few years that "not correct" is a categorical denial?

Well here are a number of big companies that boasted about giving to BLM:

Here are some of the corporate donors.

1. DoorDash

2. Deckers

3. Amazon

4. Gatorade

5. Microsoft

6. Glossier

7. 23andMe

8.  Airbnb

9.  Unilever

10. Bungie

11. Nabisco

12. Dropbox

13. Fitbit

14. Devolver Digital

15. Skillshare

 16. Square Enix

17. Thatgamecompany

18. Tinder

A number of companies were more ambiguous including Cisco, Intel, Atlantic Records, Warner Records, and others. For details, click on the LINK

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