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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Anatomy of a Conspiracy Theory

 The American High Society is more depraved and corrupt than you can ever imagine. [Read the whole thing]

Questions regarding how, why, and by whom Epstein was killed, and whether he was in the employ of U.S., or foreign intelligence services, will probably never be answered with undeniable hard evidence. But there is another mystery which is even more troubling. How could a prominent man carrying around a very public child prostitution conviction have remained in the good graces of high society? Having loosely followed the Epstein story for nearly a decade before his 2019 arrest, it was a question I’d pondered many times over the years. Until a satisfying answer emerged from, of all things, the PizzaGate conspiracy theory. 

For those who do not remember, Pizzagate started with some emails from a Democratic Party operative named John Podesta....  in one email, someone had written to Podesta to alert him that they’d found a handkerchief with a hand-drawn map “that looks pizza related.” Lacking a better explanation for why someone would draw a pizza-related map on a handkerchief, the sleuths determined that the email was describing something nefarious to do with children....

Comet Ping Pong Pizza, which marketed itself as a place for kids, often hosted luridly sexual, surrealist musical acts, such as Heavy Breathing and Sex Stains. Sex Stains has two music videos available on YouTube. One shows the band singing and dancing in a room full of childrens’ toys, including a giant block displaying a symbol that the FBI says pedophiles use to identify each other ...

The Podesta emails provided a treasure trove of material for conspiracy theorists. In one message, John and his brother Tony were invited to a culinary art installation by the performance artist Marina Abramovic called Spirit Cooking. A quick Google search of Abramovic’s name turned up images of her displaying a bloody goat’s head and holding a snake in her mouth. The installation included witchy sayings painted in pig’s blood on white walls including: “Mix fresh breast milk with fresh sperm milk, drink on earthquake nights”, “With a sharp knife, cut deeply into the middle finger of your left hand. Eat the pain”, and “Fresh morning urine, sprinkle over nightmare dreams.” An effigy of a human infant, completely covered in pig’s blood as if a bucket of the stuff had been thrown on it, was placed in the corner of room. In another room small dolls are positioned as if copulating. At one Spirit Cooking event, attended by Lady Gaga, pictures show her with Abramovic, eating something from the belly of a naked model, playing dead in a tub of what looks like blood. Diners drank fluids they were supposed to pretend were blood, human breast milk, and other bodily fluids. 

John’s brother, Tony Podesta, head honcho of the Podesta Group, is an avid art collector whose hoard contains a number of pieces that are right at home alongside Abramovic’s installation.

And I am not saying that Marina Abramovic should be prevented by law from creating her art installations, or that the Podesta brothers should go to jail for attending them. Most Americans outside of Silicon Valley do interpret the First Amendment pretty broadly, and a person who wishes to attend Satanic soirees or collect paintings of half-naked, bound, dead and abused children is within his legal rights. But, should such a person should have a hand in determining education policy in America? Should he have any say over whether it is appropriate to perform gender reassignment surgery on eight-year-olds, when he has paintings of tied up, dead eight-year-olds on his living room wall? 

It is tempting to focus on the sick mind of Podesta himself, but his unashamed public behavior forces us to ask a much larger question: What exactly is going on in Washington D.C.? Podesta obviously feels comfortable hanging these pictures on the walls of a house in which he hosts parties, and which he showed off in a D.C. society magazine. Washington D.C. is a cutthroat city where people are regularly destroyed and rendered untouchable for trivial indiscretions. How could Podesta, a powerful Democrat lobbyist with a Rolodex of enemies acquired over a long career, put his depraved predilections on public display, and expect no repercussions? 


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