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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Is Tim Russert Evil?

We've already noted the media's recent selective quoting of General George Casey, commanding general of the Multinational Forces in Iraq. This past weekend another fine example of the technique played out on national television.

See the comments. Here's an example of how the media lie to the American people:

In arguing a position, you take everything being said as confirming your position - irrespective of WHAT IS BEING SAID. Reporters are not asking a direct examination (like a lawyer) they are cross-examining people, because, by God, they know what the truth is and they are going to "catch" the speaker in a lie. And since the pursuit of the truth is really a HOLY calling, if by lying to a speaker I can get him to reveal his own lies - AH HA! I have fulfilled my scared mission. Hence the use of cut off audio/video clips.

"Mister Russert, someone accused you of (insert evil horrible unspeakable crime here), and they also accuse you of (next crime). I mean this is a serious charge - Is that who you ARE? I mean isn't there more, or is that who you ARE? They are referring to Mr. Russert, the journalist - you, right?"Russert: Yes, that's me....bu.." audio/video cutoff - Russert keeps talking off the air "but I can prove that these charges are false and that this is slander on my honest good name." Hello? Can you hear me? Is my mike on?"

"Yes, viewers. Sadly you heard it here first. When asked about whether it was he who commited these terrible (insert crimes here), Russert's response was "Yes, that's me.." I never would have believed it if I had not heard it with my own ears - you heard it too. So sad, that what lawyers would call an "admission" should be the end of a long journalistic career."

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