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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

When God Is a Monster


The children climb down into the crater left by an explosion and start picking up scraps of twisted metal. "Allah is great!" they shout before the camera hones in to show what one boy is holding: torn fabric, the colour of the camouflage fatigues worn by US troops. The next scene shows the same children holding aloft a human leg, shreds of the same camouflage fabric hang from it and the foot is clad in a military-style boot. The children trample the leg and kick it around in the dust.


The Children's Crusade involved Christian children, some as young as six, making a pilgramage to take back the Holy Lands from the Saracen infidels.

It was a very sick thing, just about everyone agrees, that children should get the idea to go fight for God, and that some adults along the way should encourage or aid them in their pilgrammage.

Except... not really. Adults actually attempted to discourage the children from going off to Crusade, and many of the child-crusaders were turned back at the various cities en route to the Mediterranean port-cities which were the gateway to the Holy Land.

And, oh yeah: despite the venom leftist writers pour on the West for this sickest of all sick crusades, it seems the Children's Crusade probably never really happened at all, but was just a folk-tale that got recorded as "history."

But adult Muslims really are encouraging children to kill, themselves as well as others, for "God."

"God" wants children to commit suicide-murder.

One would think that "God" could manage his executions and bombings without resorting to the agency of children, but that's just me.

Thanks to Allah.

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