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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Speaker Pelosi's Way of Commuting

As your savings dwindle and you tighten your belt, be assured that our public servants are doing their part.

Gulfstream V, the world's first ultra-long range business jet. The Gulfstream V features the most sophisticated technology available to support the rigorous demands of intercontinental missions. From the unique engine design and highly advanced communications capabilities to the cabin that offers maximum passenger comfort and flexibility, the Gulfstream V continues the Gulfstream legacy of innovation and high quality. The Gulfstream V's ability to travel nonstop for 6,500 nautical miles at speeds up to Mach 0.885 sets the benchmark for world travel. For the first time, nonstop business travel between destinations such as Aspen and Rome, London and Singapore, San Francisco and Moscow, and New York and Tokyo is routine.

The sacrifices these public spirited citizens make for us inspire awe and wonder.

How can you get one of these at your and your family's beck and call? Run for a House seat and claw your way to the Speaker's post.

It's for the children.


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