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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Will "community organizers" be monitoring your weight?

Thanks to Richard Fernandez at Belmont Club:

Lest you think that this is either a silly question of one of those "outragious lies" the Left is screaming about, it's possible - according to Chris Dodd - the ACORN will be checking you out and determining your ...

(i) decreases in weight;
(ii) increases in proper nutrition;
(iii) increases in physical activity;
(iv) decreases in tobacco use prevalence;

Can you say "Big Brother" is watching you? This monstrosity is brought to you by the US Senate. See the bill, pages 382 - 387.
Fernandez asks ...

What would be the point of collecting this information if it isn’t going to be used? Would the panels be interested in utilizing this data? Who are these eligible entities who will find the time to busy themselves with what you weigh, eat, do or smoke? CNS reports that they will be unspecified groups of private citizens receiving government money. Their exact composition is yet to be determined.

Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) said that it is possible that the controversial group ACORN could qualify for the available grants. “I don’t believe so, but they could be,” Dodd told, in an earlier interview. “I just don’t want to say categorically it’s the case.”

Where are all the feminists screaming at the top of their lungs to keep our hands off their uterus? It looks like they're giving a Lewinsky to Obama. If this passes the government will have their hands on every part of your body. This is an outrage!

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thisishabitforming said...

From what I saw of ACORN members getting off a bus to counter local folks at a town meeting, they need to start by monitoring their own weight before they start pointing chubby fingers at others. .