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Monday, February 14, 2011

A few things to remember, while we’re celebrating the optics of a Pepsi moment

Via Protein Wisdom
85% of Egyptians believe Islam’s role in politics is positive. 48% want it to play a large role in politics. 59% of Egyptians identify with Muslim fundamentalists, while only 27% identify with modernizers. 49% of Egyptians have a favorable view of Hamas. And 20% hold a favorable view of Al-Qaeda.

...What could possibly go wrong?
From the Pew Center:
Asked whether there is a struggle in their nations between those who want to modernize their country and Islamic fundamentalists, a 61%-majority of Muslims in Egypt said they did not see a struggle. Just 31% of Egyptian Muslims saw a struggle between modernizers and fundamentialists in their country. Among the seven Muslim publics surveyed in 2010, only in Jordan (20%) did fewer say they saw such a struggle.

Among Egyptian Muslims who did see a struggle, a 59%-majority sided with the fundamentalists. Just 27% of those who saw such struggle sided with the modernizers.
Does anyone else see any conflict between Fundamentalist Islam - the kind of Islam that engenders murderous mobs in response to cartoons - and a pluralistic democracy?  Modernity? 

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