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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

UVA Discriminates

Well of course.

Via the Daily Caller: 

For months, the University of Virginia has been involved in a legal battle with state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli over an investigation into government grants given to a university professor who allegedly used the money to falsify research supporting climate change. Now, some are also accusing the university of treating a professor whose views do not exactly accept the mainstream view of man-made global warming unfavorably.

At issue are the documents and research materials of two former university professors: Pat Michaels and Michael Mann. The university received Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for research materials from both professors, but its response to the respective requests has left some accusing the school of bias.

When Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall submitted a request for the research materials of Mann, he was told by university officials that the documents had been destroyed because the professor was no longer an employee.

When Greenpeace, a national environmental advocacy organization, requested the same materials for Michaels, university officials promptly began the process of complying with the FOIA and told the organization how much the fee would be.

The Virginian Pilot has been waging a vendetta against Cuccinelli for daring to question whether Mann committed scientific fraud while at UVA and the University has stone-walled. Not so when a professor who questions man-made global warming. I doubt if this little matter gets printed in the local bird cage liner.

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