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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Should Clarence Thomas be sent to work in the fields?

Here’s an interesting subject for an editorial in the Virginian Pilot: where’s the Liberal outrage about Liberals – sponsored by the mainstream Liberal group Common Cause - at a big rally, stating that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas should be “put back in the fields” – a clear reference to slavery?

Is that worse or better than calling him a “ … dumb shit scumbag?”

Is this the new civility that the Liberal media was advocating just a few days ago?

Or the recommendation by one pretty young Liberal that Thomas should be tortured by “cut[ting] off his toes one by one and feed them to him.” This was followed by a call for “revolution now, just like in Egypt.”

Somehow the call to “string up” Clarence Thomas - and his wife - has an entirely different impact on the MSM when the people calling for the lynching of a black man are made by their fellow Liberals.

A sweet old lady dressed in pink demanded a duel with Glenn Beck. She said her weapon of choice was a Glock.

Recall the wall to wall rage about the unsubstantiated accusations that someone in a Tea Party rally used the “N” word?  A $100,000 reward was issued for proof.  The reward remains unclaimed. 

The only place that these racist, bigoted death threats will get coverage is in Glenn Beck’s show. The MSM prefers to change the subject. These racist pigs are, after all, their people.

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thisishabitforming said...

This must be the "new civility". And the girl calls the TEA Party people racist. I stand amazed, but I shouldn't because logic escapes these people.