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Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Fast and Furious, as a police operation, doesn't make sense. As a Community Organizer program it makes perfect sense.

Fast and Furious, the gun-walking operation that created an avalanche of traceable guns being shipped to Mexican drug cartels never made sense to me as a law enforcement operation. The cover story is that the program was designed to identify the cartel leaders. That’s a ridiculous cover story. Everyone in Mexico knows who the cartel leaders are; many of the cops are already on the payroll.

The program was specifically designed to identify weapons purchased in American gun shops after they were used to murder Mexicans. The only thing that could be learned was the identity of the shop in which the gun was sold, and the US government already knew that because its agents authorized the sale.

From Bob Owens at PJ Media:
Whether Operation Fast and Furious was a legitimate law enforcement operation, as the Department of Justice claims, or was part of a plot to impose gun control, it was radically different from all other border gun operations in one crucial way. Operation Fast and Furious was the only border gun operation that was undertaken with the full intention of the straw-purchased guns leaving the control of law enforcement officers and reaching the armories of drug cartel murderers. That fact alone should lead to the impeachment or administrative removal of everyone, from field agents to political appointees and elected officials that knew or should have known about the plot.
But that is only half of the horror story.
Operation Fast and Furious was specifically conceived so that “walked” guns would be recovered at crime scenes in Mexico. Their serial numbers would be provided to the ATF by Mexican authorities for tracing. Regardless of motive, the entire operation was premised on weapons being recovered at crime scenes in Mexico, and law enforcement agencies are well aware that criminals primarily abandon weapons only after they’ve been used in serious felony crimes such as murder or attempted murder.
Operation Fast and Furious was conceived knowing that Mexican nationals would be sacrificed in significant numbers if the tracing operation had any chance of working
A comment by cfbleacers makes the most sense:
1. I don’t know, Bob. Something about this entire story doesn’t add up.
It feels to me as if a number of pieces are missing.
1. The American federal law enforcement community wants to identify the shooters of Mexican nationals on Mexican turf, by using American gun shops to intentionally run guns to Mexican drug cartels?
Say this slowly. Take each part separately, disassemble it and then put it back together.
1.Does somebody believe that the Mexican government does not know who is at the head of the Mexican drug cartels?
A. Let me disabuse any layman of the notion that nearly EVERY high ranking Mexican government official doesn’t know EXACTLY who is at the head of the Mexican drug cartels. They have been dealing with them directly, trying to work with them to avoid destroying the tourism trade and negotiating with them to try to control the violence.
2. Does somebody believe that AMERICAN law enforcement does not know about gang trafficking of guns and drugs, operating on both sides of the border, often using undocumented illegals to use our borders as a sieve? Operating in our prisons and in virtually every state in the union, but especially border states?
A. Let me disabuse any layman of the notion that organized crime is NOT at the heart of nearly all the violent crime, drug abuse and terrorization of our major metropolitan areas. Or that law enforcement in AMERICA doesn’t know EXACTLY who these gangbangers are.
3. So, why would they try to have guns sold from here, to be used in crimes there, to trace to people they already know well…that kill Mexican citizens… over whom we have no authority to investigate when they are victims of crimes…in which we essentially aided and abetted committing as a government program?
A. A junior grade, rookie, Barney Fife level detective would see the holes in this in two minutes. “Identifying” the gang that commits a crime is a strawman, in this scenario. The cartels are known commodities. The gangs here are known commodities.
The coverup story hides something deeper. Much deeper.
As long as the murders stayed on the other side of the border, or within the gang infestation on this side of the border, the plan is useless.
The gangbanger that shot Brian Terry tripped up the game. The ONLY way this makes any sense, is if the guns made it BACK across the border. And…wound up at crime scenes HERE.
Not a Brian Terry type crime scene. An inner city, gangbanger crime scene.
Now…try to piece together the narrative. “AMERICAN gun shops are responsible for killing minority youths, by assisting the gun and drug cartels. AMERICAN officials are able to trace guns from AMERICAN gun shops into Mexico and then back into the AMERICAN inner cities.
AMERICA and the NRA NUTS are the bad guys, who needs to APOLOGIZE to Mexico …AND to the parents of youth in the inner cities and major metropolitan areas for CAUSING violent crime. People don’t kill people..guns do. ”
This doesn’t look, feel, smell like a law enforcement project. It has all the earmarks of a community organizer’s project. Plant evidence, stir up trouble…point at the trouble. The harder the 2nd amendment defenders argue, the more you point at the trouble. Until they capitulate.
Works with banks. Works with real estate.
Think like an ACORN.
The media aren’t reporting it, because the propaganda machine can’t yet “play the narrative”.
Work through this slowly. “Identifying the user” is a head fake. They KNOW the user…hell, they SOLD to the user. And…300 dead Mexicans are crimes we can’t investigate. What’s the play here? THAT’S the coverup.
The only thing that makes sense of Fast and Furious is that it was a cold blooded project to use murdered Mexicans and Americans as a publicity ploy to enact draconian gun control laws based on a plot by the Obama administration under the supervision of the Holder Department of Justice. Literally no other rationale makes sense.

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