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Thursday, October 18, 2012


The Student of "Exercise Science" and the Debate

The DiploMad imparts some interesting information about one of the people who asked a question during Presidential Debate #2, and comments about college students in general.

First, the interesting information:  
According to the press he is studying "exercise science." I am not sure, but is that what we used to call physical education? How much is that costing his parents? Does he really have the right to demand that the President (translation: society) provide him a job? Did he think of checking the level of demand for that "skill"?
Second, about academia in general:

 I have written before about my VERY low opinion of higher education in the Western world. Let me be frank: Universities as a rule are giant frauds perpetrated on the public by well-paid university staff and their leftist political allies. In my view, the average graduate knows next to nothing, at least, next to nothing useful. He or she generally emerges from these hugely overpriced, vastly overfunded, and heavily subsidized institutions with a phony cynicism, a derisive attitude towards capitalism and patriotism, an insufferable arrogance, a numbing ignorance about the history and culture of the West, and--to top it off--a sense of entitlement. We all have been brainwashed--myself included--that our kids must have that university degree, and employers go along with the gag even when the job does not require one....
Students in universities worried about their futures might want to revisit what they are studying. If you want a degree in Modern African Art or in Gender Studies because you love that topic, fine, but don't assume that the rest of us have an obligation to fund your life in the undoubtedly exciting world of Modern African Art or of Gender Studies. Let your knowledge of Modern African Art or of Gender Studies console and empower you as you swing that mop after hours at the Luby's, or as you lie in your parent's basement wondering how you will pay back $100,000 in student loans.
Don't come knocking on my door with your hand out. I've got my own kids to fund.
In an economy that isn't producing enough jobs for people with real, marketable, useful skills it's not really surprising that half of today's college graduates can't find a job.  Keep in mind that attending college has convinced them that on graduation they will move into a professional field.  Instead, what they find is that they barely qualify to compete for jobs as waiters or bartenders.

Academia has perpetrated a giant fraud on this nation.  What Glenn Reynolds calls the Higher Education Bubble is coming to an end.  

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