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Thursday, October 11, 2012


Virginian Pilot claims $430 million isn't real money.

The rambling incoherence of the people who write editorials for the Virginian Pilot has broken through the bounds of time and space to finally arrive in a completely new universe. A universe where the $430 million government subsidy to PBS is actually nothing, nada, zero. A universe where NOT SPENDING $430 million that we don’t have will have NO EFFECT on the federal deficit!

Don’t believe me? Allow me to quote two lines from this editorial that is so mind-blowingly stupid that reading it will make destroy your brain cells:
Public broadcasting has nothing to do with the federal deficit. …. Eliminating PBS can't erase the deficit.

How did we get to trillion dollar deficits? The same way that individuals get into debt, by buying things that are beyond their means because they want them. By ignoring the consequences of endless “programs” to fix every ”problem” that the mind of Liberal man and woman can invent to fill their empty hours.
You can hear the same reasoning going through the mind of the man who’s maxing out three credit cards, no savings, and a million dollars in debt as he heads into Starbucks for a $4 latte. “Since $4 is small compared to my debt, why not buy it; maybe I should also spend $2.50 on a brioche.”   Using Virginian Pilot reasoning, why not?  And by the way, buy that Porche you've been wanting. 

The editorial cites Medicare and Social Security as the twin evils that threaten to consume the nation. But you can bet that on the occasion that someone like Paul Ryan makes a proposal to fix those programs for people who are at least a decade away from retirement the same gang of morons (with my apologies to the “differently abled”) will go on the attack against any and all structural changes.
Of course this editorial isn’t really about money, it’s part of the MSM’s desperate defense of Barack Obama. It’s their attempt to save a regime that indulges in extravagance when the country is plunging over a fiscal cliff.
Of course they could always cite rapid economic growth under Obama, except that there isn't any.  The anemic growth the country has experienced is actually slowing.
They could cite the jobs picture under the present regime except that the jobs picture is so bad that more people are giving up and dropping out of the labor force than are finding jobs. The way that government statistics work, if everyone stops looking for work the unemployment rate drops to zero.
They could cite the foreign successes of the Obama administration but the murders in Libya and the attacks on our embassies across the globe makes that claim laughable.
So the Virginian Pilot, like President Zero, is reduced to talking about Big Bird.

It’s no wonder that Romney has taken the lead in the polls. Even those polls that over-sample Democrats.   Even bird brains outside of the Pilot's editorial offices are finally getting it. 

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