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Sunday, July 20, 2014


"Driver in Wrong Lane Contends with On-Rushing Semi."

Steven Hayward at Powerline  uses a WSJ headline Obama Contends With Arc of Instability Not Seen Since ‘70s to make the point that the the world has not been in this much turmoil since Jimmy Carter's presidency.

Also mentioned is Glenn Reynolds' prediction that "a rerun of Carter might be a best-case scenario for the Obama presidency."   All we need is a killer rabbit and double digit inflation to   cover all the Carter lowlights.  Of course Carter did not arm Mexican drug gangs (Fast & Furious), set the IRS on his political opponents, get an ambassador killed, create a failed state (Libya), completely lose any influence we ever had in the Middle East, lose a war retroactively, watch over the re-assembly of the Soviet Empire, encourage Central Americans to invade the US, inflame America's race relations, or spend several billion dollars on vacations.  

The headline I use comes from the comments, where it's noted that the  WSJ article really attempts to deflect the blame from Obama. 
Obama didn't do it, it was bad luck. Mysteriously, US power has waned around the world and that mysteriously coincided with an increase of upheaval around the world.

In fact, these aren't at all like George Bush's wars, these are just security crises ("A convergence of security crises..."). Which should remind everyone that most of these security issues began under a previous administration.
 This is the theme of all the so-called reporting in the MS, it's not Obama's fault, bad things just seem to happen to him.

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