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Wednesday, July 09, 2014


Turning the whole damn country into Caligula’s bedroom.

Fred Reed is being politically incorrect again.

This is nuts. It is one thing, and a good thing, for a decent society to leave the sexually disturbed in peace, for the police not to harass homosexuals or raid known but discreet “gay” bars. (Though, if we can have homosexual bars in which the normal are not welcome, why can we not have normal bars in which homosexuals are not welcome? Can we not choose with whom we want to drink?) (No.) If discreet (that word again) sex shops deep in the city wants to sell motorized dildos, hig-fashion whips, and male chastity belts, well…the buyers do no harm to others. It is another thing to turn the whole damn country into Caligula’s bedroom.

Read the whole thing and don't mind the naughty words.

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