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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Explaining Donald Trump's enemies

I have read a great many essays by people trying to explain Trump and his supporters, mainly by people who view his supporters as a strange tribe in darkest flyover country.  Here's the first essay I have read on Trump's enemies.

Not sure I agree with all of it, but a lot of it rings true.

You can tell a lot about a man by his enemies, and Donald Trump has those aplenty. I'm not referring to people may merely disagree with him on certain issues, or even those on the far Left – like Democrats – who will hate anybody who is not a progressive loonie toon. Instead, I'm talking about the folks in Trump's own party and on Trump's own side, broadly speaking, of the ideological divide. The Republican establishment, as well as a large subset of the conservative (loosely defined) commentariat, seem to have visceral hatred for the man – and for his supporters in the GOP base. Lindsey Graham – in what might possibly be this year's most stunning example of a lack of self-awareness – worries that Trump is bringing the GOP into disrepute. The reliably establishmentarian pencil neck George Will has taken to devoting his apparently limited research time to coming up with wild new ways in which Trump might destroy America and the world. Every day, a new op-ed hits the broadsheets by some GOP consultant or strategist explaining how Trump's supporters are all a bunch of dumb rubes who are "fooled" by Trump, who is really a "Democrat plant," and they just don't realize that he's not a "real" conservative (which I think they already know, but just aren't that concerned about it).

Read the whole thing.


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