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Saturday, November 28, 2015


Shocker: 2008 Obama supporter thinks democracy doesn’t work!

It never fails. You get some ostensibly well-meaning, but ultimately self-deluding guy (in this case, Bernie Quigley) who in 2008 declares Barack Obama to be the ” New JFK” who shows “organizational and conceptual abilities already that are superior to any candidate in our time.” And, not least because of people like Mr. Quigley, Barack Obama gets elected – and then proceeds to demonstrate an appalling lack of organizational and conceptual abilities, to the point where the Democratic party outside of the executive branch now looks like a minor, regional party that is one bad cycle away from losing the East Coast*. And, oh, yeah: the country’s foreign policy is in worse shape than ever, and things aren’t really improving. One would think that this might suggest to people like Mr. Quigley that maybe, just maybe, he backed the wrong horse in 2008…. HAHAHAHA!

Nah, it just tells him that the country’s ungovernable: “Late in life, the great Amb. George Kennan declared that America needed a “council of elders” to contain the excesses of democracy. The governors, perhaps meeting in a selective and representative regional council, like a board of trustees at a university or a board of directors of a corporation, might offer America saving grace at a time of dangerous crossing.” Because the problem’s not Barack Obama, you see. It’s democracy itself.

Obama is never wrong, it's always the people's fault.

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I so remember in the Carter years this whole topic of the United States is too complicated for one man as president to govern. Then Ronald Reagan was elected and he proved that Carter had been the problem, not the system. Reagan governed by an ideal of the greatness of the American system of unleashing the individual, it worked very well and we no longer heard the push for a committee of rulers. So we are back to the Carter years of non leadership and those claims of the impossibility of governance resurface. The problem is that we are governed by a man who doesn't believe in America, a man who doesn't believe in the rule of law. So now that he has corrupted the system, the system gets the blame, when it should be the man.
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