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Tuesday, November 03, 2015


The View From The Rebellion

Daniel Henninger’s hymn to Paul Ryan and The Party of Governing in Monday’s Wall Street Journal is a great example of the power of the establishment. What’s interesting about the increasingly desperate attempts by the Ruling Class to clear away the pitchfork carrying insurgents is that they really don’t understand why they’re out there in the first place.

The Republican electorate is a cauldron of anger, principle, desperation and personal agendas. No one understands exactly what is going on inside the base, and that now includes Donald Trump, the great disrupter, who this week said he was mystified by Ben Carson’s rising appeal.

I would think that the first thing people would do if they are faced with an internal rebellion is to try to understand why. I can only conclude that they really don’t have a pipeline to the people in rebellion and have concluded that they are gripped by a form of insanity.

To help them out, here’s the view from the rebellion:

The Republicans went into the 2008 election by nominating the eminently electable and beloved-by-the-media, Maverick John McCain, war hero and the next guy in line. For some reason they lost the Presidency and both houses of congress.  They blamed George Bush. Scared stiff of being called racists they rolled over for Mr. Obama bleating that they could not do anything because the country loved Obama, they were out of power and he had impeccably creased pants.

Preparing for the 2010 mid-terms they promised their constituent that if they could capture the House they could stop Obama by wielding the power of the purse. Still terrified of being branded racists they did not such thing – Lucy pulled the football and all the voters who went to the polls – the gullible Charlie Browns - landed on their asses.

So the Republican Party of Governing went to their stable of eminently electable candidates and produced Mitt Romney; Mr. Clean. Mitt was a great guy, handsome, "severely conservative," wonderful family man, successful business man and ended up losing to the man who presided over a moribund economy with high unemployment. Why? Because while the Chamber of Commerce loved him, there were not enough Chamber members. Mitt wasn’t talking to the working man in the working man’s language. He captured the all-important “moderate” vote that Republicans thought was their ticket to the White House. But for some reason the working man who was losing his job and his home to foreclosure wasn’t on the Republican’s radar and didn’t show up by the millions when it came time to vote. The Republican establishment takes its core constituency for granted even more than the Democrats do theirs.

Then the Republicans went to back to the voters and blamed all the bad things that were happening on Harry Reid. They told them that if we can only get rid of Harry Reid and capture the Senate was well as the House, then you’ll see us come roaring back.  We'll repeal ObamaCare, stop illegal immigration and stop wasteful spending. We’ll have the power of the purse plus that bad old Reid won’t be able to kick us around anymore. So once more the Charlie Browns ran to kick the football voters went to the polls and once again they landed on their asses.

So now the refrain – you’ve heard it here again – Congress is not enough. “if only we had the Presidency, you’ll see this time will be different. Trust us.” Oh, and we have to make sure that bad old Hillary doesn’t win the election because that would be a disaster.

So the Republican Party of Governing teed up Jeb! Jeb with all the power brokers backing him, with gazillions in donations, with the Chamber of Commerce supporting him, the magic of his family name, his sterling reputation as governor. And along comes a billionaire developer and TV personality, with funny hair, making over-the-top comments who kicks the pins out from under him and relegates him to also-ran status. The Republican Party of Governing still hasn’t figured out what hit them. They never listen to Trump except to ridicule him. They don’t realize he’s a great communicator who connects with people despite the fact that he brags about his wealth, his planes, his buildings, even his wives.  Despite his billions, his constituency are the kind of people who the Republican Establishment disdains.  Republicans don't talk their language.  They really don't understand their interests, their fears and their problems.  If the truth be told, they're really ashamed of them because they're not "cool."    

Now realizing that Jeb! is not catching on, they’re desperately trying to get him out of the race so they can go to their next pinch hitter, Marco Rubio. Good looking, silver tongued, great rags to riches story and sure to enact all the programs that the Republican Party of Governing has on their wish list.

They’ve modified their story-line a little. The Party of Governing is telling Good Old Charlie Brown that their earlier mistakes had nothing to do with their fear of Obama, their fear of the media and the fact that they were really not that unhappy with bloated government. The problem, they said, was that they has promised more than they could deliver. So, give us the Presidency Charlie Brown and this time – for sure – we’ll let you kick the football.

Stay tuned to see if Charlie will buy the lie again.

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The really sad part is that the GOPe doesn't realize that the path they are heading down puts them at the front of the line.

Who do you hate the most? The enemy or your Allies that said that they had your back, then ran away and helped the enemy?

Well... this post doesn't put to rest the theory of a "form of insanity". It is all criticism to your own team, leaving big portions of the story and without any alternative of what you would have done. The only thing that is amazing is that you managed to go a whole post without mentioning immigration. It may be hope...
I don't understand people like you. They criticize Romney, but somehow like Trump? Really? ("form of insanity" seems like a good way to put it).

You left out the part about the definition of insanity....."Keep doing the same thing over..yada, yada. We may not all be pissed off about exactly the same things, but our core beliefs are the same.

Here's a threat, from a guy that refused to vote for Mittens Romney: If you make us vote for Jeb, I'll vote for Hillary, just to piss you off.
Dumb Plumber: Dumb indeed. So... we know at least one person to thank for Obama. You troll...
I think you're confusing a lack of understanding with pretending to not understand. The republican establishment understands the disconnect between them and the base very well. They're just utterly contemptuous of the rubes (with considerable historical justification) and will continue to play mystified at the base.

And eventually the base will come around. Or they won't. Which is okay, too. The republican leadership class has MUCH more in common with democrats than they do their own "base."
I would argue that after seeing all the Trumpies embrace a candidate that supports Obamacare, gave money to Hill, etc. the truth is close to the opposite of what you say.

The key point here is that the Republican establishment (including the WSJ--double sigh) thinks we're just too stupid to vote. They simply can't stand normal Americans. Us Fly-over folk. I always felt it, but it wasn't till Sarah Palin came around that the arrogance smacked me in the face. They actually hated people like me and my ideas. My love for country, flag, and the Star Spangled Banner offended them! I was in Delaware at the time and voted for Christine--anything to rid us of the weasel Castle; besides, she wasn't stupid (I met her) despite the witch misstep. The establishment was aghast that we wouldn't want their tool Castle. It's no different in the national elections. It's not who can stand up for what's right: it's who can win the elections. Sickening.
The GOP establishment understands exactly what motivates the rebellion. But because the rebellion threatens to end all that the establishment cherishes, the establishment views the rebellion as a mortal threat. Which it is.

And that's why the real battle of 2016 will be over who controls the GOP.
Re: "No one understands exactly what is going on inside the base..."

Several options to consider.

1. The most likely reason for the comment is Henninger is lying. After all, he is a member of the intellectually elite, no? He writes for the premier non-Marxist (though arguably facist, or at least, pro-crony) publication, and gets a lot of ink. One must assume that he is bright and socially and politically aware. He may argue against the rabble, but like Louis XIV, he has to know what's going one.

That means his article is beyond disingenuous. "What? The window is broken? How did that happen? Believe me, I might have been playing catch in front of it, but I didn't do it."

2. He is beyond stupid. Or maybe just beyond completely disconnected from anyone not in his privileged class. Either way, it works out about the same.

3. He doesn't care. He knows his bread, his butter, his large paycheck, and the people who make it possible. He serves his masters well. Of course, that is a repeat of #1 above.

The Wall Street Journal is largely democrat without the unpleasant hordes of women in pink, black protesters, and the Clintons. As far as I know, anyhow.

Sorry, Louis XV, XIV. Obviously I am not a member of the intellectually elite, no?
Diletant, thank yourself for Obama. You elected him...twice. Your insane desire to import a new people that you believe will immediately become liberty loving Americans based upon the Magic Dirt theory of geographical transubstantiation will destroy what's left of the nation if allowed to continue and will destroy the GOP if a pro-immigration candidate wins the primary. Heckuva job, cuckservatives.
Yeah, the base is irrational, we have to learn to compromise and govern so elect people like Bush and Rubio or Kasich.

Obama blew that theory out of the water. He's moved farther left in less time than anyone could have believed. It isn't a matter of can't do for the GOP...they won't do because the eGOP, like Winston Smith in 1984, loves big government.
I voted for Jeb three times in his runs for governor. I was quite happy with Jeb as governor. But, I will not vote for him again because he favors "Common Core" and he is in favor of amnesty.

I voted for Rubio as Senator. One of the reasons is he was against amnesty. But, it turned out he lied. He was part of the Gang of 8 immigration bill that contained amnesty. Now, he says he is against amnesty, but I doubt it. If a mule kicks you once, its the mules fault. But, the second time ... . I will not vote for Rubio again.

The Republican establishment does not seem to get the fact that we are tired of being lied to and we are against amnesty and Common Core. The US Chamber of Commerce supports both, so they are willing to go down with the ship without the base. If that is what they are think, they are nuts and we need a new party. As a friend of mine says, if the Republican Party does not change, they will be the Whigs of 2016 and supplanted by a new party by 2020. Of course, that never occurs to them. How could we rubes not appreciate their "Democrat Lite" views.
He is just a reflection of "gimme" electorate
Diletant: I voted for McCain and Romney because they were better than Obama. But they lost because they didn’t connect with a lot of the base of the Republican Party. McCain at one point defended Obama in 2008, called him “decent person and a person that you do not have to be scared of as president of the United States.” The reason: McCain was terrified of being branded a racist, as was the rest of the Republican establishment. They still are.

The people in flyover-country understand when they are being condescended to. They understand the Republican establishment is afraid of the PC police. They love the fact that Trump is making all the right enemies. There’s an old saying: “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” They don’t care that Trump has not checked off all the boxes that would earn him the label of rock-ribbed Conservative. They even understand that a businessman has to stay in the good graces of both parties, especially is he’s in the real estate business.

They like him because he talks in easy-to-understand sentences.

They like him because he fights!

If Trump fades or pulls out there are other people who I could readily support; Ted Cruz being at the top of my list because he’s also a fighter. I like Ben Carson, he's a great human being. My main concern about him is whether he is enough of a fighter. And make no mistake, the next election will be a fight like no other.
Good. Now we are talking. I agree with almost everything that you say.
I agree that (particularly McCain) we could have had much better candidates: more convinced and convincing conservatives. I agree that Republicans should be less ashamed of their ideas and afraid of the "PC Police" as you put it.
But I have my strong doubts that Trump (from what I have heard until now) is a "rock-ribbed" conservative. I don't like that he mistakenly believes that being "anti PC" is just being a jerk. I believe that PCness (or however you say it) is a caricature of being polite, but "they" want to make us fall into the trap that the opposite of being PC is just being bombastic. That said, I can understand that it feels good to "rock the boat".
I do agree on what you say about Cruz and I would love if he can win. I am fervently hoping that once this portion of the Republican party gets the "rebellion" out of their system they turn to someone like him.
But I have to say that if that doesn't happen I hope that they don't act like sour losers and don't start badmouthing Rubio or whomever ends up on top. I may have my preferences, but the KEY here is avoiding another four years of this disaster. Whatever it takes.
And I wouldn't mind Carson either. On the contrary. I love him. Not entirely sure that he will be able to make it, but of course would love to see him win as well.
Please... just not Trump.

Thanks for your reply. I would like it to be Trump. Why? Because I think Trump as President will be the same person as Trump the candidate. Aren’t you tired of people in elective office who are worried about the PC police? Name me a Republican in the public eye with the exception of Trump or Carson who are not keeping an eye on the Liberal pieties. Paul Ryan is a great example; he’s treading the imaginary line between the Left and the Right and managing to occupy the great soggy middle. The Left doesn’t like him because he’s a Republican and the Right doesn’t trust him because he equivocates. I don’t trust him because of that.
The USA need a second political party.
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