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Saturday, November 28, 2015


Ohio State Law and the Mob

It turns out that if you're threatened and you’re a Republican at Ohio State Law the faculty doesn’t close down the campus and set up re-education camps. That only happens if you are Black, homosexual, “differently-abled,” Muslim, Mexican, Transgendered, Latino, or any one of the ever-expanding identities of "Precious snowflakes" that inhabit academia.

Madison Gesiotto wrote an article published in the Washington Times: The Number One Killer of Black Americans, about the abortion epidemic in the black community. Then the threats began.
The threat arrived on Ms. Gesiotto’s Facebook page as part of a heated back-and-forth shortly after the appearance of her column, which cited figures by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showing that black women received 36 percent of reported abortions in 2011.

The Facebook message said, “The government cannot take action against you for your offensive and racist article. But your colleagues can."

Concerned for her safety she approached the Dean Alan C. Michaels and was invited in for a “chat.” The meeting turned into a Kafkaesque series of accusations reminiscent of the “Struggle Session” that occurred under Mao in China when dissidents were accused of thought crimes. In fact, one of the Deans even suggested that they facilitate just that. 

Ms. Gesiotto declined the opportunity to be brought to trial for writing inconvenient truths.

“I thought that was completely out of line. It should have never been proposed. I was there to report a threat. And then they tried to flip it around and push me into a facilitated discussion with other kids about my article. It was bizarre and very disappointing.”
Keeping in mind that the reason for the meeting was to discuss the issue of a possible physical threat to her safety, this group of Deans confronted Ms. Gesiotto accusing her of writing a “…flawed article, it’s not a good legal piece, it’s not a good journalistic piece.”

Knowing what you get into at the average law school, she was somewhat prepared, but not enough.

Ms. Gesiotto knew that many of her peers at the law school would disagree with the column. She expected to take some flak. What she didn’t expect, she said, was having administrators show less interest in her safety than in tearing apart a column entirely unrelated to her coursework….
And then there’s this.
Ms. Gesiotto was so worried about the threat that she also reported it to the main campus, where she said a counselor suggested that school officials could talk to the person who made the threat but warned that doing so might escalate the situation.
It was a response reminiscent of the bad old days when the Democrat’s “solid South” was run by Good Old Boys. When Blacks went to the Sheriff, terrified after the KKK burned a cross in their yard, the Sheriff would tell them that he could have a talk with some of leaders of the mob, but “Do you really want to get them riled up, maybe come back and burn your place down? Maybe you really ought to think about leavin’ town, boy.”

The Deans and the faculty don’t want to get the SJWs riled up. They know what happened at Mizzou and Yale when faculty and administration were insufficiently subservient to the SWJs. In fact, it’s entirely possible that, under their white sheets and pointy hats, they’re part of the mob that burned the cross.

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