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Tuesday, June 07, 2016


The Robot Judge

Scott Adams who has been remarkably correct about Trump’s success has a new blog post our about The Robot Judge
“Curiel looks human on the outside, and he has passed as human for decades. But Cooper made it clear in his interviews yesterday that while science understands that 100% of humans are biased about just about everything, this robot judge is not susceptible to being influenced by his life experiences. It sounds deeply implausible, but no one on CNN challenged Cooper’s implication that Judge Curiel is the only bias-free entity in the universe. Ergo, he must be a robot.”
So the opposition is unlimbering the big guns: Trump’s a racist!  Sure, the judge belongs to La Raza Lawyers Association, not the racist La Raza that wants the southwest US returned to Mexico … although it lists the racist La Raza as part of its “community.”   Curiel’s group is just a group that boycotts Trump’s products and companies.
Here’s a thought experiment: imagine a “KKK Lawyers of California” --not the same detestable KKK, simply an association of white lawyers. Good to go?  Want to have your case heard by them, black man? 

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