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Thursday, July 27, 2017


How the Russians Interfered With the Election

Here's the real Russia story.

The Russians objective is to destabilize America. They probably believed - like the pollsters and the media - that Hillary would be elected. They saw an opportunity to exacerbate the Left/Right divide without respect to who won the election. The revelations regarding Hillary's corruption were intended to create a the belief that she was not fit to be President when she won.

If Hillary had won, the Right would have grumbled, like they did after Obama's victory. The surprise Trump win completely unhinged the Left and supercharged the Russians attempt at political destabilization.

The press has willingly played into their hands. Lots of people now believe that elections, especially the last election was stolen. Facts don't matter to people's beliefs, especially when so many people share that belief.

I would say that the Russians succeeded beyond their wildest expectations.

Congratulations MSM and Leftist. You played your parts perfectly. But then, the Left have always been Russian dupes.

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