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Sunday, July 16, 2017


At its core, the Washington Post op-ed by Brooklyn College President Michelle Anderson is a facial lie.

There is no way of knowing with certainty whether Anderson is even aware of KC Johnson’s book, no less whether she read it, but as Anderson was a law prof before becoming Brooklyn College president, I’m going to make an inferential leap and suggest that she is fully aware of the fact that her op-ed is completely false, and that she is promoting lies to further her agenda.**

KC and Stuart offered to write a responding op-ed, but the Washington Post rejected their offer. The op-ed by Anderson sufficed to match their politics, and they were wholly disinterested in an op-ed that was objectively accurate and contrary to the lies they prefer.

There is a war going on to stop Betsy DeVos from rescinding Lhamon’s “guidance,” and that war is being fought by academics willing to sacrifice facts and scholarly credibility to intentionally lie to the public and convince them to fight any change to Lhamon’s radical and lawless shift of campus sexual adjudication. Repeat lies enough and people will believe. After all, who would assume a college president would outright lie?

Glenn Reynolds asks:
Why does Brooklyn College President Michelle Anderson hate male students?

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