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Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Meaning of Cosa Nostra

Reading Peggy Noonan’s piece in the WSJ (“ObamaCare Is Taking On Water” 10/26/13), a particular line jumped out: “….If they knew it, did they not tell the White House?....” I am beyondbelief amazed, how many times over the last five years we have heard and read this line. I am equally amazed how the Obama regime has been managing that Obama personally “never takes on water” sort of speak. So, let me run a train of thoughts here.

As most people know, Cosa Nostra means “Our Thing”. You know, a “Thing” that we discuss between ourselves, never let anyone into the inner circle, a structure where the cardinal modus operandi is “All For One”; but never “One For All”. A “Thing” where the Boss must be protected at all cost, and for this service the inner circle remains just that: “Inner”. Our Thing. Cosa Nostra. The Cosa Nostra theory and rules have been serving its members and bosses for over two hundred years. One of the most well known cases of the ins and outs, is Al Capone’s case who was not and could not be charged with multiple murders and a long list of other serious crimes, because no one
was talking. The boss was protected. He ended up in prison on a simple tax evasion case.

I developed a three pieces puzzle, to explain what is going on in the White House since January, 2009. Let’s see if it makes sense.

As the FIRST PIECE: For five years, we have been forced to listen to Barack Hussein Obama’s tirades on “my team”, “I directed my staff”, “the way I see it”, and the permutation thereof. Not to mention the “My red line”, and “My calculus” comments, or his bragging about ordering Osama bin Laden’s killing and the drown strikes. From all of Obama’s speeches and comments, one can safely and with high accuracy conclude that there is nothing going on in the Obama regime without Obama’s stamp of approval. This is beside Jay Carney’s constant, in-your-face, bold faced lies on prime time television. Obama’s micromanaging control freak nature most probably extend to who and when mops the White House floors (don’t doubt me; his kindred spirit, Jimmy “America’s Brain Injury” Carter was personally running the tally as to who can play on the White House tennis court). A few months ago, in an interview, the reporter used the “ObamaCare” designation, to which Obama made the “I don’t mind they calling it ObamaCare” (probably a 90% close paraphrase) comment. Obama is not only directing everything in his regime, he is proud of it.

Read the whole thing.


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