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Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Trump does what people want. Outrage ensues.

Trump made a deal with Democrats to fund hurricane disaster relief and raise the debt ceiling. “Never Trumpers” of every Party and label are shocked. He is being called names by his enemies and his supporters are accused of being duped by a Democrat in disguise.

But step back for a moment and ignore, if you can, all the rabid voices. Ask yourself what so many people who are not particularly partisan have asked of politicians in Washington. They want to see politicians get along and do things for the common good.

So here we have it. Money has been appropriated for disaster relief. The debt ceiling has been raised. It’s a two-fer. Who, except for partisans, want to see Congress tied up in gridlock, fail to pass disaster aid and wrangle until the very last moment in that perennial fight over raising the debt ceiling?

You know the debt ceiling will be raised; it always is. The only question is whether the Republicans will be accused of shutting down the government. The news stories were already written about the “horror” of the Government defaulting on the national debt. Now the Democrats and the Press – but I repeat myself – will have to put their stories and faux outrage back in the pending file for the next time this issue comes up. The best thing that could happen with the debt ceiling is to remove it. Get rid of an issue that only allows politicians to pretend to care, to posture and preen in a Kabuki theater that has gotten so old it’s grown a beard. 

Stop it already. We know you’re lying. Clear the decks for issues that matter. Grow up.

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