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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Would A Prosecutor Ever Misuse His Powers To Remove A Political Opponent?

In light of the Mueller prosecution of anyone and everyone who ever had contact or knew Donald Trump let's recall that Democrats have along history of using prosecution to usurp political power. 

Francis Menton makes a list and it isn't pretty.

  • Governor Eric Greitens 
  • Tom DeLay 
  • Ted Stevens 
  • Joe Bruno 
  • Rick Perry 
  • Bob McDonnell 
  • Dean Skelos

Here's a summary of the above: Seven indictments, all by Democrat prosecutors against high-ranking Republican office-holders, and all with a potential to influence political control of some important government body. Of the seven prosecutions, one (Greitens) has not yet gone to trial (and may never), one (Perry) was dismissed on motion before ever going to trial; but the other five all resulted in convictions -- all of which were subsequently reversed. Of the five convictions, three were then undone by the trial (Stevens) or appeal (DeLay, McDonnell) courts in ways that precluded retrial, and one (Bruno) resulted in an acquittal on retrial. Skelos awaits retrial. The number of convictions that have stuck: zero. Meanwhile, the Congress flipped from Republican to Democrat control after indictment of the Republican Majority Leader, the Senate got its 60th Democrat Senator just in time for the Obamacare vote, the governorship of Virginia flipped from Republican to Democrat just prior to the indictment of the outgoing Republican governor, and the New York State Senate flipped from Republican to Democrat majority after conviction of the Majority Leader.

By the way, can you think of a single example of a Republican prosecutor prosecuting a Democrat officeholder on a dubious charge in a similar swing situation with the potential to change political control of some important body? I cannot.

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