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Saturday, November 02, 2019


The Federalist: "Donald Trump Versus ‘The Interagency Consensus’"

It's becoming clearer every day that the government bureaucracy don't believe in elections or representative government. They are determined to hold and seize power and do so more and more openly.
Working for Government Doesn’t Make You Above Elections.

Recall the IRS scandal from the Obama administration. One of the ways the scandal was repeatedly downplayed was with the claim there was no involvement from the White House. As far as we know, that’s true. But tell me, what scenario scares you more: The president allegedly uses his power to instigate the investigation of a political opponent and immediately gets confronted by whistleblowers from within the government?

Or is it when federal employees with the power to ruin your life launch a broad-based attack on thousands of ordinary participants in the political process who not-at-all-coincidentally happen to be small government advocates, and they do this of their own initiative without having to be told what to do by the president because everyone is marching in ideological lockstep? And they further do this secure in the knowledge the president will defend what they’ve done as “not a smidgen of corruption” and that when they destroy tens of thousands of potentially incriminating emails under congressional subpoena there’s not a thing their victims can do about it?
Working for Government Doesn’t Make You Above Elections

Indeed, at every turn opponents of Trump within the government have been defended, often not because what they’ve done is defensible, but because of the false belief that service in the federal government is automatically ennobling and ipso facto makes someone trustworthy. Indeed, the desperate need to defend an administrative state reads at times like fan fiction....

it’s also clear that Trump was elected in no small part because tens of millions of Americans do not approve of business as usual in Washington, and specifically the lack of democratic accountability that can be brought to bear on the status quo. And Trump is enough of a natural disruptor that he threatens that status quo in both good and questionable ways. In response, lots of people in D.C. are willing to bend the rules to stop him.

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