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Saturday, March 28, 2020



WHO is controlled by China and at this point should be considered China's mouthpiece and a totally unreliable source of information on diseases.
Taiwan is an intriguing case when it comes to coronavirus treatment. Despite being geographically close to China, the sovereign island has been relatively unscathed by the deadly outbreak. Their methods of containment have been largely successful. With border control and enhanced screenings of travellers, the number of coronavirus cases in that nation have been kept to under 100.

In the clip below, Alyward pretends to not hear the question by Yvonne Tong from RTHK when asked if WHO would reconsider Taiwan’s membership. The interviewer persists and Alyward shuts down the interview.
Alyward previously made headlines in February for discouraging the notion of a travel ban to prevent coronavirus spread.

The refusal of the WHO to recognize Taiwan’s sovereignty is seen as further proof of the organization’s capitulation to China’s political will.

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