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Thursday, December 07, 2023

Don Surber has great questions for Donald Trump

 The fourth RINO debate in this presidential cycle was another waste of time without The Donald. He is the only one who matters because the nation has to see if he is worthy of a second presidency.

Of the three questioners last night, only Megyn Kelly mattered because the nation knows who she is. I almost watched the shit show to see if she still can hack it as a journalist but the four candidates who did show up are minor leaguers. I wish she and Trump had another go at it because I want to know what have each has learned in the last eight years since their first debate encounter of the Fox kind....

Megyn Kelly interviewing Trump would help both by raising her profile. He could use some tough questions about his first term, beginning with his personnel decisions.

Here is what she could ask.

First question: Your first Cabinet by and large failed you. Outside of Ric Grenell, Wilbur Ross and Betsy DeVos, secretary of education, you had a Cabinet of Frenemies because a Republican Senate vetoed the people you wanted. How will you avoid hiring losers again?

Her follow-up question: In The Untouchables movie, Malone tells Ness to hire his team from new recruits because all Chicago cops are on the take. Malone says, “If You’re Afraid Of Getting A Rotten Apple, Don’t Go To The Barrel. Get It Off The Tree.” Will you recruit executives from outside Washington?

Second question: Why can’t you get support from the Republican Party? Ron DeSantis went from a barely elected governor in 2018 to the titan of his state’s party. How will you get RINOs to make America great again?

Third question: DeSantis also refuses to cooperate with a hostile media. When are you going to quit sucking up to the New York Times?

Fourth question: We are $33 trillion in debt now and the interest on that debt will soon exceed federal spending on federal programs. You borrowed trillions to keep the federal government living. It is run by communists who hate you. Are you finally going to reduce spending and starve the central government?


I must remind readers that I am all in on Donald Trump 2024 because if Democrats put him in prison, no one is safe. I also believe he had a successful presidency, which I wrote about that the other day.

But I believe Trump needs to say what he learned from the problems in his first term. If this seems harsh too bad. I don’t give a shit if he called someone vermin or some actor said something stupid again. Pulling punches just ain’t my style.


Fifth question: Why have you not helped the January 6 protesters who are languishing in prison?

Her follow-up question: Besides pardons, they deserve compensation. After all, drug addict George Floyd’s family got $27 million from taxpayers because he OD’d at a police station. Will you let the J6 protesters sue and settle for a million bucks each and let General Flynn do the same?

Sixth question: Italians, Argentinians, Hungarians and others elected Trump-like leaders. Merkel is gone followed by Olaf, the other chancellor, who seems Trump friendly. How do you plan to help them and have them help you?

Seventh question: You had great success in the Middle East. You are a tough act to follow on that one. How will you do it?

Eighth question: Did you learn your lesson on Tony Fauci or are you not going to replace every political appointee?

Ninth question: You failed to dismiss General Milley when he publicly rebuked him, which made you look like a weak commander-in-chief. How will you regain command of the military? Will you jettison the entire DEI-loving joint chiefs of staff?

Tenth question: The FBI spied on you and likely still is. You punished no one for that. They laugh in your face. What are you going to do about it? Will anyone go to prison for turning the Department of Justice into a Gestapo?

Eleventh question: You made your mark on a TV show by saying, “You’re fired.” Comey was the only ham canned. Will you fire people or was that just an act?

Twelfth question: The problem with Fauci was not just his abuse of power but the fact that he had so much power. How will you reign in the power of Washington?

I remind readers again that I support Donald Trump. I want a better second Trump presidency. Last night’s debate could have helped him, but I can see why Trump decided to pass on the opportunity to blow his opponents away like he did Jeb! and Hillary.

So Megyn Kelly was stuck asking questions of Ramaswamy and three other also-rans. She should have fun with it and asked Christie: You promised to support the eventual nominee. Trump is the overwhelming favorite to win but you said he should go to jail. How can you support a man you claim committed felonies as president? Were you lying like the devil when you made that pledge?

Follow-up question: Krispy Kreme or Dunkin?

Like I said, Trump 2024.

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