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Friday, December 08, 2023

The FAA is seeking people suffering from "severe intellectual and psychiatric disabilities" to be air traffic controllers.

 The country currently is in the throes of an epidemic of mass insanity and irrationality. The manifestations of the disorder are too numerous to cite, but the explosion of the DEI plague being pushed by the government, many businesses, and the intellectual pigmies in most of the media, must be included in any list of the most egregious. As currently advocated and practiced by our leftist “elites,”1 it is incompatible with rationality, common sense, and morality, among other things, and, as the Wall Street Journal, not to mention the Supreme Court, have pointed out, the U.S. Constitution....

To understand how insidious and dangerous the FAA's DEI policies are, it is necessary to examine briefly just what air traffic controllers do and the nature of the job. ...

In short, the ATCs’ role is complex and stressful, sometimes requiring split-second life-and-death decisions. An error, inattention, or even hesitation can cost the lives of hundreds of people both in the air and on the ground....

So, what are the FAA's criteria regarding the people they want to hire?

As this article will show below, it does so by seeking to employ people who are clearly less qualified than the general applicant pool.  Less qualified, that is, unless you believe that the average applicant suffers from, for example, a “severe intellectual disability.”

The FAA makes clear the tribes that it includes in the Diversity Nation: It touts that it specifically “targets” for “special emphasis,” in both recruiting and hiring, people with disabilities in “hearing, vision, missing extremities, partial paralysis, complete paralysis, epilepsy, severe intellectual disability, psychiatric disability and dwarfism.”

Wait.  It gets worse. Such disabled applicants get even more special treatment because they are eligible for preferential hiring. The FAA calls this “On-the-Spot hiring.” That is exactly what it sounds like – the FAA admits that it is a “non-competitive hiring method.” They are eligible for this non-competitive hiring even if their intellectual or psychiatric disability is “severe.”

They want your plane to be controlled by a blind, deaf, paralytic dwarf with epilepsy who is psychiatrically disabled. 

Read the whole thing.

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