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Friday, May 20, 2005

Bill Whittle writes "Sanctuary"

The blog community is primarily made up of evanescent expressions. They appear, and vanish from our consciousness within minutes. Many of the biggest bloggers specialize in quick, pithy comments: Glenn Reynolds and his “Heh.”

For those who read this, let me direct you to an essayist who deal with BIG ideas and deals with them in profound ways: Bill Whittle of Eject!Eject!Eject!.

His current essay – Sanctuary - deals with the issue of the War, modern man, and the fall of civilization in ways that will leave you enlightened and put many of today’s commentators in their proper perspective.

As an example, here’s Bill on the concept of uniforms:

And why do soldiers wear uniforms?
It certainly is not to protect the soldier. As a matter of fact, a soldier’s uniform is actually a big flashing neon arrow pointing to some kid that says to the enemy, SHOOT ME!
And that’s exactly what a uniform is for. It makes the soldier into a target to be killed.
Now if that’s all there was to it, you might say that the whole uniform thing is not such a groovy idea. BUT! What a uniform also does -- the corollary to the whole idea of a uniformed person – is to say that if the individual wearing a uniform is a legitimate target, then the person standing next to him in civilian clothes is not.
By wearing uniforms, soldiers differentiate themselves to the enemy. They assume additional risk in order to protect the civilian population. In other words, by identifying themselves as targets with their uniforms, the fighters provide a Sanctuary to the unarmed civilian population.

Find an hour, click on the link, and read one of the most intelligent people writing today.

The quality of writing and intelligent discourse on the internet is THE reason that newspapers, magazines and the legacy electronic media are dying. They do not have the talent to compete.


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