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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Senatorial Unction

Have you noticed how the Republic has been saved? By 14 members? Led by John McCain, certified Hero, who has a movie coming out on Monday?

And why is the Republic saved? Because the “comity” of the Senate has been restored. Have you noticed the comity there? Aren’t you glad? Isn’t that what you wanted? Didn’t you pray for that: “Lord, of only Senators got along, I could die happy?”

I have observed the members of the Gang of 14 breaking their arms patting themselves on the back. Listen to their reasoning: it’s all about “restoring comity” to the Senate.

That is the great result of the compromise that the "Senate 14" achieved. The most exclusive club in the world – inhabited by the most exclusive people in the world – agreed to get along. So the former-KKK-Grand-Kleagle is now bosom buddies with Elizabeth Taylor's seventh husband (only because she married Richard Burton twice).

So we have comity in the Senate.

Forget about the makeup of the Supreme Court; without comity in the Senate, the Republic cannot stand.

Forget about a 200+ year tradition of not filibustering court nominees. Senate comity trumps other traditions since; we are – after all – a club.

Forget about the effects of four years of having your reputation slandered by members of the “world’s greatest deliberative body.” Forget having an alcoholic member of the club, who killed his paramour in an auto accident, tell the nation that you are morally inferior.

There are members of the club, and non-members. It must be comfortable being a member like John Warner, Robert Byrd and John McCain. The issues of the membership of the Federal judiciary, Presidential prerogatives, and two centuries of tradition regarding appointments are as nothing. Not when it comes to members of the club being clubbable.

There is a reason why there exists in most societies an undercurrent of hatred in a ruling caste. I’m beginning to understand why.

UPDATE: For another, similar view, read Krauthammer.

UPDATE 2: Fixed, I hope.

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