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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Horrified by Saddam In His Underwear?

Vanderleun makes a point that needs to be made as the MSM defines abuse as a picture of a man in his underwear.

THERE'S REALLY NO ESCAPE from the abiding stupidity of what currently passes for "Western Culture." We have, it would seem, crossed some ghastly Rubicon of sensibility in which many among us have no frame of reference by which to measure evil. Instead these stunted souls seem determined to wallow in the banal and the trivial, asserting that only these tiny concerns have any meaning. It is the zero-sum "philosophy" of moral relativism branded into actual lives. And the afflicted seem to enjoy running the red-hot iron of nullity into their brains over and over. An addiction to absolute zero that no drug other than Nihilism can sate.

He then shows us two picutres, one of a hale and hearty Saddam, and the other of a blindfolded skull, representing one of hundreds of thousands of Saddam's victims.

There is something obscene about the pity for poor Saddam.

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