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Sunday, May 08, 2005

The Wedding Vows

Gerard Van der Leun is a terrific writer who has come in from the Dark Side. It has been a long journey and he describes it in terms that are unvarnished but poetic.

He describes his first marriage:

THE FIRST TIME I WAS MARRIED I was married to over 200 naked people. We weren't quite buck naked. The men had crudely made laurel wreathes on their heads, sometimes just a wad of weeds, while the women had wreathes of flowers around their brows and, for those old enough to have any, small bouquets of blossoms lodged in their pubic hair. All the men had large clubs and all the women large breasts. It was the butt end of the 60s and people in my set tended to have that kind of equipment. What children there were tended to be either infants or toddlers, all still nursing at will

A must read for those who still don’t understand the 60s.

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