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Sunday, May 27, 2007


Two young white kids out on a date robbed, gang raped and murdered: no big deal. Black hooker accuses white jocks of rape – national media circus.

Oh, you mean THAT media double standard department.

The Knoxville News Sentinel has a story by Jamie Satterfield on the Christian – Newsome rape/slayings and the hurt feelings of the MSM show through. The story is all about the gruesome details that turn out – according to unnamed “authorities” – not to be true.

For example, the story that “Christian was held captive and repeatedly gang-raped for four days before her body was found inside a garbage can in one of the suspect's Chipman Street rental house. “ According to Satterfield’s unnamed sources that’s not true at all.

“As it turned out, Christian, though repeatedly raped, was dead within 24 hours of her abduction. “

Whew, that’s better. Twenty four hours of rape and torture are a lot better than four days of same.

Then there were “claims that Newsom and Christian were sexually mutilated.”
“They weren't, authorities say. “
Who these authorities are, Satterfield does not say. In fact, none of the “corrections” to the original stories are sourced to anyone except the ever-present “authorities.”

Then we have this:

“There also have been persistent claims that Christian was dismembered. As late as last week, a local television station on its Web site reported that Christian's body had been dismembered and found in "five trash bags." The fact is, Christian's intact body was wrapped in five trash bags. “

OK, so she was not cut up after she was murdered. That’s a relief.

Near the end of the story we get:

“They have unearthed nothing to suggest Christian and Newsom were targeted because of their race, according to law enforcers.”
"There's nothing whatsoever that indicates any hate crime," said John Gill, special counsel to Knox County District Attorney General Randy Nichols. "There are things that really, coincidentally, would prove just the opposite."

As is typical in this case, he would not elaborate.

And this from the Public Defender, the man responsible for getting the murderers off:

“Knox County Public Defender Mark Stephens finds himself a bit mystified at the notion that the slayings, though horrific, should have rated as national news.
"I refuse to believe these guys were laying in wait. It seems to me unlikely that the race of the victims had anything to do with this crime," he said. "It seems to me when we read about a black defendant shooting a black person in the projects, nobody gets upset about it.
"Why is this (case) worthy of national news coverage?" Stephens asked. "Unfortunately, this probably happens in major metropolitan areas every month."

Mr. Stephens may have a point about Knoxville, according to crime statistics; Knoxville has significantly more crime of all kinds than the national average.

While there were 18 murders in a population of about 175,000 in 2003, I doubt if double gang-rape and murder are that common in Knoxville – even in the projects.

But that really is not the issue. It’s not about the crime, it’s about the reporting. Newspapers and other media sources are a “news hole” that must be filled so that people will read or watch long enough to read the advertizing. That is why the “news hole” is filled with violence and sex. It’s what attracts customers.

That’s why we get stories about the “rape” of a stripper by jocks: as long as the stripper is black and the jocks are white. If the rapee is white and the raper is black, there's barely a whisper in the MSM.

That’s why we get stories about Paris Hilton and teens who disappear on class trips to the Islands.

So what could be juicier than the abduction, rape and murder of an attractive young couple? What could better fill that “news hole” and attract readers?

The answer is “nothing.”

So why did it not fill that hole?

It could be that the MSM has suddenly developed a new set of morals and ethics. It could be that they eschew sensationalism and instead begin reporting all that’s right with the world.

Sorry, I must have had you going for a minute.

No, the MSM have a “template” as Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit says. They really believe that white jocks are just waiting for an opportunity to rape black strippers. And while they may, in their heart of hearts believe that blacks can abduct, rape and kill a young white couple, they are not willing to make a big deal about it because it does not fit the “white master raping black slave” template.

What's why what's being called "The Second Duke Rape Case" is getting attention on the internet but not in the "legitimate" MSM.

The members of the MSM are the most race conscious tribe in the world. It shows up in what is covered, and what is not covered. It even shows up in the Iraq war. The NY Times has over 60 successive front page stories on Abu Ghraib. It had one story on the two American soldiers who were abducted and tortured by Arab terrorists in Iraq to such an extent that DNA had to be used to identify the bodies. And why were these two not worth more than one story? There were certainly families to interview and questions to ask about how people could do this sort of thing to fellow human beings. But nothing … no stories followed.

One of the reasons was that the editors of the Times really don’t believe that people who are not like them are fully human. For that reason, they don’t hold them to civilized standards. After all, do you blame a wolf for attacking sheep? It’s what they do. Don’t make a big deal over it. Nothing to see ... move along.

And keep in mind that the MSM tribe, like any tribe, punishes people who don’t conform. Make a big deal over a group of blacks abducting, raping and killing an attractive white couple and you will be asked why you are siding with white bigots. Don’t you realize that you are contributing to white racist stereotypes? Which is what a lot of Satterfield’s story is all about.

Satterfield is not covering the crime, she is covering the story and explaining why the media won’t touch it.

Her reasons: it’s not a big deal, it happens every day, some (white) racists are running with it, and it’s not a race crime; the “authorities” and the perps said so.

And the Duke “rape” case? Now that the case has fallen apart, forget we said anything. We don’t want to stir up racial tensions. Right?

UPDATES: Thanks to Nicholas Stix: HERE

Satterfield only seems to be able to find white racists who are making use of this crime. Here's a link to black racists who are also focussed on it. They are celebrating the crime:
"We're celebrating underprivileged Knoxville blacks who victimize privileged Knoxville whites"

Welcome visitors. Please look around and sample some other goodies.

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I can’t emphasize enough how disappointed I am in Jamie Satterfield. She had done more legitimate reporting on this story, beginning in early January, than anyone else. And now, a lot of people who read this pathetic disguised propaganda piece may never believe her again.

Well, some of us have not quit on this story.

The Knoxville Horror: The Crime and the Cover-Up

Shame on You, Michelle Malkin! A Republican Diva, Journalistic Ethics, and the Knoxville Horror

Knoxville Horror Trial Dates Set for One Year from Now; MSM “Discovers” Four-Month-Old Case


The Knoxville Horror: White Supremacy, Black Supremacy, and Censorship



Nicholas Stix
Moneyrunner, by trusting the reporting of Nicholas Stix, you have done your part to spread an Internet race hoax. Those “black racists” you link to above aren’t black racists at all.

This is the Svengali Media/Yacub 7 Ali hoax. It began six months ago, linked to a different black-on-white crime – the “Savannah Debutante Murder.” The hoaxster, using multiple pseudonyms on multiple interrelated websites and blogs, masquerades as a cult of “Negro Sun Worshippers” under the guidance of “Prophet Yacub 7 Ali.”

Members of this make-believe cult, in addition to celebrating the murder of whites, brag about their ability to inflict skin cancers on white people with just a look.

Why Nicholas Stix would report this hoax as fact is a mystery to me.

I’ve blogged about the Svengali Media/Yacub 7 Ali hoax here and here.

I have read your blog posts. But I'm puzzled why you call them a "hoax." Are the posters not black? What part of that blog is hoax? Who is doing the hoaxing?

I can understnd why you don't want any part of them. But unless they are the rantings of white supremacists, why are they are hoax?

By the way, the post that I have linked to by Stix is limited strictly to facts. Whatever else his agenda may be, read the post. There do not appear to be any exaggerations.
Moneyrunner, I'm afraid the post you linked to by Nicholas Stix is not "limited strictly to facts."

Stix writes: that Svengalimedia is a "black, anti-white web site" that "celebrates black-on-white murders, and sponsors an annual 'Sexiest & Hardest Ghetto, Black, Male, Felon Bragging Rights Competition' for the most gruesome black-on-white murder."

There is no reason to believe that anything about the Svengalimedia site is authentic. There is every reason to believe that its purpose is to stir up white people's anger towards blacks... and why would a black person want to do that?

Here you will see Svengalimedia describe itself as "cynical humor, more offensive than amusing."

The hoaxster has even set up a Facebook page, under the name "theSvengaliMedia Fan Club." There, he writes: "SvengaliMedia is quickly becoming known as the crack cocaine of the internet... highly addictive and outlawed."

Doesn't this indicate to you that Svengalimedia is not to be taken literally? It is a sham, an elaborate joke by an attention-seeking mischief-maker.

You'll discover this for yourself when he shows up here to post a comment using one of his many dubious pseudonyms.
When I wrote that the Stix post was limited strictly to facts I was referring to his references to the crime which did not contain any of the gruesome details that were “debunked” by Jamie Satterfield.

I am ready to believe either you or Stix, but I need more than your assertion that the persons or people behind the site like St. Nicolas Thief are hoaxers. Based on what you have shown, they could very well be a lunatic fringe of black supremacists. Do you remember the famous caller to Rush Limbaugh, Rita X, who rants on about a “motherplane” with 1500 bombing planes, who will destroy England with three bombs as well as America. Rita X is a follower of “Minister” Farrakhan whose rants about white devils include some very bizarre riffs on numerology. He may be a race hustler like Jackson or Sharpton, but Farrakhan is not a hoaxer.

There are some crazy people in the world. Lots of them are in the Middle East. But some of them are here. I look forward to hearing more from you. For now, color me on the fence.
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