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Thursday, August 23, 2007


Robert Spencer Defends Himself Against John Derbyshire

John Derbyshire and Robert Spencer have engaged in a polite debate about the differences between Islam and Christianity and dangers to civilization.

having read both essays, (and acknowledging that I am a Christian) I believe that Robert Spencer has the much better argument.

Go HERE for Derbyshire.

Spencer begins:
John Derbyshire seems to think that since, in his view, Islam and Christianity are equally preposterous, they are equally likely to incite violence: “Mohammed’s flying through the air to Jerusalem on a white steed is no more preposterous than the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception; and so, God’s instructions to us through Mohammed are no more or less likely to make us better or worse than his instructions through Christ.”

Huh? “And so”? One thing is unbelievable, and so is another, and therefore they’re of equal moral value? Come now. I myself find National Socialism no more preposterous than Shakerism – does that mean that National Socialism is no more or less likely to make us better or worse than Shakerism? Does Derbyshire really want to get behind the idea that if something doesn’t ring true to him, it is therefore benign, or at least no more or less benign than some other farrago? I don’t think he does, even as he calls the whole exercise “infantile,” since he also says that he finds my “brief against Islam” to be “persuasive.”

Read both essays and decide for yourself.

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