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Thursday, August 30, 2007


Why Is Nornal Hsu Still Free?

The influence peddling of Norman Hsu and his money laundering of political contributions in the coffers of Democrats, prominently included Hillary Clinton but also Barack Obama, Patrick Kennedy, Al Franken, Mike Honda, Doris Matsui and more Democrats to be named later. What intrigues me about this is not the fact that prominent Democrats are caught taking money from a convicted swindler. What is interesting is that a man can be convicted of swindling, become a convicted fugitive from justice and still remain free while attending high profile events like a fund-raiser for Representative Patrick J. Kennedy, Democrat of Rhode Island, given by Stephen A. Schwarzman of the Blackstone Group at the New York Yacht Club. Is the criminal justice system so inept that it not only can't it stop 12 million people from entering our borders illegally, but it can't locate and arrest a multi-millionaire swindler who attends fund raisers for prominent Democrats?

As Captain Ed says:

…the path of Norman Hsu seems rather amusing. The man convicted of fraud and wanted for fleeing his prison sentence did not seem unduly handicapped by either in his career. The famous liberal New School made him a trustee and became a trustee at its Eugene Lang College. That came after he started donating heavily to the Democratic Party in his new incarnation, and the failed businessman and convicted fraudster somehow generated large amounts of cash for these efforts, with "connections" (as the New York Times puts it) to clothing related businesses. None of these organizations ever did as much as a cursory check on the Hong Kong native.
Where did Hsu get all this money? That remains to be seen, and it may be the most interesting question yet. So far, his entire history has been one failed enterprise after another -- and yet as a fugitive on the run, he managed to manipulate millions of dollars for the Democrats. That's a pretty neat trick.

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