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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Clinton Rejects Calls to Reveal More Details About Husband's Donors

From Fox News:
Hillary Clinton says she will not be influenced by contributors to her husband's foundation as secretary of state.


In Roman times, government officials became wealthy by taking bribes, selling citizenship, confiscating treasure, skimming tax revenue ... and that's only the beginning.

The Clintons seem to be reviving and improving on the practice of getting very wealthy as members of the governing class. After all, what better way to get favorable treatment from the US government if you are the ruler of a third world country than to "contribute" to the husband of the Secretary of State.

Ace of Spades:

Hillary Rodham Clinton, President-elect Barack Obama's choice for secretary of state, rejected calls Tuesday for more details about donors to her husband's foundation, saying she has revealed enough to avoid even the hint of conflicts. An Associated Press review found that Clinton stepped in at least a half-dozen times on issues involving businesses and others who later gave to the charity.
Clinton said as secretary of state she will not be influenced to act on behalf of her husband's contributors, which include foreign governments.

"It will not be in the atmosphere," Clinton said.

Granted, that sounds a lot nicer that "How does my ass taste, Lugar"? But I think it was the same thing.

Christopher Hitchens at Slate also sees the possibilities...

More Than a Good Feeling

Why are so many oligarchs, royal families, and special-interest groups giving money to the Clinton Foundation?

Bill Clinton speaks at the Clinton Global Initiative in Hong Kong

Here is a thought experiment that does not take very much thought. Picture, if you will, Hillary Clinton facing a foreign-policy conundrum. With whom will she discuss it first and most intently: with her president or her husband? (I did tell you that this wouldn't be difficult.) Here's another one: Will she be swayed in her foreign-policy decisions by electoral considerations focusing on the year 2012, and, if so, will she be swayed by President Barack Obama's interests or her own?

The next question, and I must apologize in advance for once again making it an un-strenuous one, is: Who else will be approaching Bill Clinton for advice, counsel, and "input" on foreign affairs? It appears from the donor list of the Clinton Foundation that there is barely an oligarch, royal family, or special-interest group anywhere in the world that does not know how to get the former president's attention. Just in the days since the foundation agreed to some disclosure of its previously "confidential" clients—in other words, since this became a condition for Sen. Clinton's nomination to become secretary of state—we have additionally found former President Clinton in warm relationships with one very questionable businessman in Malaysia and with another, this time in Nigeria, who used to have close connections with that country's ultracorrupt military dictatorship.

Oh yeah, there won't be any questions here.

I mean literally, no questions. The MSM won't ask and the Republicans are afraid.

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