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Thursday, April 08, 2010


At Duke only nerds can get laid.

Now I'm one of those troglodytes who thinks that sex should wait on marriage. But the rules for unmarried sexual relations at Duke go beyond parody. They are, however, the sort of rules that fully meet our expectations coming from the school most famous for trying to railroad its lacrosse team to prison for a rape that did not take place.

Joanne Jacobs

The Duke Blue Devils had better remain chaste. As national champions, they are unable to have consensual sex with other students under Duke’s new “sexual misconduct” policy, warns the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). A person seen as “powerful” — such as a varsity athlete — may “create an unintentional atmosphere of coercion,” the policy states. For the “powerful,” it’s not just that “no” means no and silence means no. “Yes” means no too.

In addition, sex with someone who’s been drinking — not like that ever happens — is considered a form of rape because the policy considers any level of intoxication makes a student unable to consent to sex.

From Instpundit frau Dr. Helen:
I received an email today from Robert L. Shibley, the Vice President of FIRE about a press release warning of a new Duke University policy that can make you a rapist without you even knowing it: ...

It seems to me that the most powerful group on Duke's campus is the group of feminists that got this policy passed. If you have sex with one of them, you have obviously been raped and need to file charges.

If you would like to let Richard H. Brodhead, President of Duke University, know how you feel about this new policy, you can
send him an email here. I just sent an email and I hope you will too.

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