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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


President Obama’s speech on Tuesday night was widely disparaged, even by his fan base in the media, MSNBC , where thrills typically run down their legs when he speaks.

But the speech is a vivid illustration of Obama’s personality. He’s cold, reptilian. The fact is that he doesn’t give damn about people. He’s in love with idea, concepts, and goals. The people who get hurt as he hurdles in the pursuit of his objectives are collateral damage. They’re expendable, in Lenin’s famous phrase, the eggs you break to make an omelet.

The oil gushing into the Gulf from the broken BP well is not something to be fixed; it’s an excuse to achieve his dream of Green energy. Stopping the oil is someone else’s problem; the cleanup will be taken care of by the little people. Obama has bigger issues to think about, bigger dreams to pursue.

Take the people affected by the oil spill in the Gulf. It took him several weeks to be concerned enough about this issue before he even told them to warm up Air Force 1 to take in the situation. His cheering section on the media tried to tell him that he was not showing enough emotion, he needed to show concern, even if had to fake it. So his answer was to go on TV and up the vitriol. “Kicking someone’s ass” was his version of “I feel your pain.”

His speech on Tuesday showed just what he cared about. There were no solutions to “plugging the damned hole” nor real solutions to providing relief to the people most directly affected by the oil. Instead, this cold man used the opportunity to tell the American people the solution to the gusher in the Gulf and the oil polluting the waters and the beaches was windmills and solar panels.

There are examples throughout history of men who have no feeling for their fellow creatures; who are content to view them as science experiments, members of the Master Race or New Men; who are so wrapped up in theory that human feeling and human bonding simply does not exist beyond the family circle. George Bush cried with the families of those who lost their lives on 9/11 and those who gave their lives on the battlefield. Even if it’s scripted or acted out in front of a teleprompter, can you imagine Obama shedding a tear for anyone else? I hate to say it, but this man draws his energy from the reactions of his audience, much like other cold, calculating moral voids in recent history. Like a battery sucking energy from the emotions of people in the crowd, but totally lacking in compassion, in empathy – in basic human feeling. This man, this reptile, does not have that connection to the people. That’s what makes him such an alien (Dorothy Rabinowitz' term)

Rush Limbaugh said over a year ago: “He’s not cool, he’s cold.” The speech on Tuesday told you that Rush was right.

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