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Friday, October 29, 2010


Thoughts on the Rand Paul rally and attempts to assassinate Gerald Ford

In the furor about the man who used his foot to hold down a MoveOn.org woman trying to rush Rand Paul, previous assassination attempts on Gerald Ford should be considered. What is especially interesting is the calm way the second assassin, Sara Jane Moore, describes her attempt. She had planned just one shot and was surprised that she had time for a second shot because Ford stopped and looked at her. The news report said her motives were “confused.” Somehow the motives of those on the Left are always, always confused; “confused” being a code word used to blur the fact that the would-be assassins on the Left really hate Republicans, even moderate Republicans like Gerald Ford.

Look again at the video. Does Sara Jane Moore look confused?

H/T to Archer52

INSTALANCHE:  Thanks, Glenn.

For Libertarians, you may be interested in Buchanan: "The country is up for grabs."

UPDATE:  MoveOn member grab Tea Partier by throat

We don't really need to be reminded about violence by SEIU goons against Tea Party members.  But here's MoveOn.org on choking the opposition.

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Moral of the story?

Always shoot back. Always.

Or, stomp them once you get them down. Never let them near us.
I was reminded of this Deep Thought by Jack Handy:

"I think a good gift for the President would be a chocolate revolver. and since he is so busy, you'd probably have to run up to him real quick and give it to him."
I was reminded more of the attempted assasination of George Wallace, but this example also applies.
Is the shampoo called 'Head AND Shoulders' because Americans can't tell the difference?

She attacked him twice.You people have guns over there? If I ever have a disguised lunatic after me,somebody shoot her the first time,please?
That's not Sara Jane Moore. That's
Squeaky Fromme.
How about thoughts on an assassination of a candidate...Robert Kennedy?

Use the Dark Chocolate version.
Lucky that Squeaky Fromme didn't know how to fire her pistol. She was right in the President's gut.

Moore was simply not a crack shot.

Who said "If they bring a knife: we bring a gun. If they hit us we hit back twice as hard."? I seriously doubt if that little ruckus would draw anymore than a dollar and costs fine in Kentucky.
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