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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Palin not "Presidential material?"

I sent this e-mail to a number of my favorite bloggers and writers this evening.  I'll be interested in the response.

Reading the Conservative or Libertarian writers, I note that all come to the defense of Sarah Palin against the unfair attacks from the Left, but many also make the comment that they don’t think she is “Presidential material.”  The reasons why are never clearly articulated.  There may be good reasons for preferring another candidate, but I’m curious to learn what specific attributes disqualify her.

I blog at The Virginian and would like to write an essay in which I can quote leading lights on the Right/Libertarian side on their reasons for her disqualification.  As a follow-up question, do you also find Mr. Obama, Mr. Biden or Mr. McCain unqualified?  Why or why not?  These are not rhetorical questions.  I am genuinely curious.

I hope you will take a few moments to reply.

UPDATE:  Gerard Van der Leun writes:
Ms. Palin is completely qualified to become President of the United States. Her actual experience in real government exceeds that of Barack Obama at the time he was elected to the office. In addition, Gov. Palin is the single most powerful Republican in the United States after the recent elections and is likely to remain so. I can understand the left moving to disqualify her in a relentless and frantic way. She is very threatening to them. At least as threatening as Reagan and probably, because of her relative youth, even more so. She can be on the national scene for a very long time. 2012 is not imperative for her. She also, after the last election, hold many, many political markers across the wide spectrum of Republicans.

Obama is now, after two years on the job, vaguely qualified to be president, albeit a very bad one.
Biden is simply a joke but we have had jokes as presidents before -- Carter and Ford are the most recent.
McCain was qualified to be president only because he happened to win the primary sweepstakes in 2007. If Palin does the same, she will be much more qualified than he was.

Here's a concept: Palin-Bachmann, 2012

UPDATE 2: Doug Ross writes
I believe she is more qualified than either Obama or Biden.

There was a massive disinformation campaign waged against her from the moment of her being named McCain's running mate.

The after-effects of this campaign -- with hundreds of false messages posted on message boards within hours -- still linger to this day.

Rgds, Doug


Oldflyer said...

Excellent question. The mantra has been repeated so demand that the person articulating it defend the premise any longer. Those who believe in Sarah Palin reject the idea; those who don't nod their heads in synch. But, what of those who don't know?

I agree. Make those who simply write her off defend themselves. Let the vast majority of the people who haven't formed an opinion hear the argument.

At the same time, point out the motives of her detractors. Invariably they are the political insiders, the entrenched establishment types. In other words, the very same sort of people that she took to task in Alaska. Many of them have reason to fear her because of what they are. Others fear her simply because she is outside the club and they cannot control her.

Francis W. Porretto said...

How about Palin / Janice Rogers Brown?